Yamaha to launch FJR 1400 in 2009?

If you ask me on what is my favorite sports touring bike, I would say with a blink of eye the Yamaha FJ. I had the pleasure of owning one back in 1989 while I was in Europe. I had the FJ for a year and boy I tell you this  bike is built to rack up the miles. I used to drive down to Hamburg from Herning a round trip of 700KM in one day. The FJ was happy cruising at 180km/h all day, blasting on the autobahn with speeds up to 240. The seat was super comfortable and the riding position just right for 6 hours straight in the saddle. Now Yamaha is planning the 4th iteration of the FJ. After introducing the FJ1100 in 1984, with an air cooled in line four engine, the FJ progressed throughout the years till its current form, making one if not the best selling GT bike in Europe. The 1400 version would commemorate 25 years of FJ that is close to the Honda Goldwing.

FJ1200 (My Baby)
Yamaha1300 FJ1300AE (Electric Shifter) y_fjr_1400
FJ1400 (Proposed Rendering)

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