Head Hunters

headhunter Throughout my 20 years career including the last 10 in Kuwait, I have never resorted to headhunters to find a job. I was always approached by one of them, mainly from Dubai. This time around, I am the seeker and its a first for me. My opinion of headhunters in Kuwait has not been a favorable one. I have used them to recruit resources and they always managed to send the wrong candidate or to be fair fitting 40% of my requirements. I am interested to see how this will be played out. They asked for my CV, my current package and what position I am interested in. That was on Thursday the 28th, until now no follow up, I wonder when they are planning on getting back to me? Nevertheless I will try contacting a couple more, to see the type of interviews they will line up.

Update: just contacted two headhunter companies in Dubai, RMI & Indigo, let see how these two respond.

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