Skinhead Plot to Kill Barack Obama and 102 People Foiled

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The ATF says it has broken up a plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 102 black people in a Tennessee murder spree.
In court records unsealed Monday, agents said they disrupted plans to rob a gun store and target an unnamed but predominantly African-American high school by two neo-Nazi skinheads.


Busy Saturday

25102008 Day started off with breakfast at Marina crescent with friends, followed by a trip to Tristar see previous blog post. Lunch at home, then out bike riding around 15:00. Khaleej Road was congested, too many cops and a couple of accidents, and way too many idiots on the road. After 90 minutes of riding, I decided to call it a day head home. My Buddy picked me up to take his bike to the dealership, sawalef with some old faces, then headed to the powder coating shop and picked up my rim for the Blitz Bomber. Home at 20:30, sat with the kids, then out by 21:00 for a long walk with some friends to end the day. Not bad for a saturday!

My twin daughters will start motocross!?

25102008015 Here is the deal, I passed by Tristar to see their new set up and I was introduced to Mark who is running their MX department. I discovered that Mark trains kids and adults on MX riding on a closed circuit. Mark is South African and a motocross veteran, he has some excellent experience from the Paris-Dakar rally and is great with kids.

25102008014 I asked the kids if they were up to it and it was a unanimous vote, yeah dad when do we start! My twin daughters are smitten with the motorcycle bug, since the age 4 they used to take a ride on daddy’s Harley. At 9 years old they are moving on to their own motorcycles, that's 6 years younger than their dad. Tristar service is great and the kids met Mark today, where they got to sit on the bikes and got their very own set of MX gloves. They will start off on an automatic 50cc KTM for 6 hours each, the cost for the training is 85KD per kids including the bikes. I am so excited to see the results, unfortunately neither Mum or Dad are allowed on the track for the first 4 hours, as we might add more confusion to the kids training.


Outlaw Biker Gang Busted

You gotta like their assets.

Judge Bans Mongols Motorcycle Gang From Wearing Trademark Logo

IBiker Gang Busts thought that was a joke, but they ain’t kidding in the land of the free.

LOS ANGELES —  A federal judge in Los Angeles has barred the Mongols motorcycle gang from wearing or distributing its trademarked logo after authorities arrested dozens of its members in six states.

U.S. District Court Judge Florence-Marie Cooper granted an injunction requested by prosecutors Wednesday that prohibits gang members, their family members and associates from wearing, licensing, selling or distributing the logo.

Cooper on Tuesday initially limited the order to just selling or distributing the logo.

At least 61 members were arrested under a racketeering indictment that accuses some of murder, attempted murder and drug sales.


MOC Post Office Blues

moc1 I never knew that sending a package outside Kuwait would set me back 2 hours of wasted efforts. I headed this morning to the MOC office at the Sheraton round about to send a small package of parts back to my supplier to the US.Upon arrival I circled the building for 25 minutes trying got find a parking place, although there are parking spots available within the ministry compound, I was told that these are only for employees. WTF 25 cars and no customer parking. So I decided to go to the main office in Shuwaikh, parking was easy to find. Upon entering the `building, the clerk told me to my amazement, that this facility does not process packages and I should go back to Kuwait city. Rants… Traffic back again trying to find that elusive parking spot another 15 minutes and lady luck smiled. I parked and entered the building. There were 15 people inside the building all standing in a corner eating sweets and not even acknowledging my existence. A lady came to me after an excruciating 10 minutes, she asked how she could help. I showed her the package and explained the need to send it to the US registered. No problem you need to go home and cover it with white paper and write your return address. I started loosing it, I explained it took me an hour to find a parking place and no way she is sending me home again, can’t you fix it here? She consented and called Babu, I explained to him what needs to be done. Babu called his assistant and both worked on covering my box, took them 20 minutes. In the meantime I was looking around and noticed that all the employees disappeared. The office is in a bad condition, paint peeling all over the ceiling, an old metal detector machine gathering dust, really a depressing place to work at. Babu gave me the package at last, got it registered and walked out with a sigh of relief, hoping that my ordeal was over, or is it? Only time will tell if the package will reach its destination and I bet you there will be no way of tracking it. For how long will people endure with such services, I guess the last time someone maintained this building was in the early 90’s.

moc3 moc4


Facebook killer receives life sentence

facebook_pic A man who killed his wife over a posting made on Facebook has been jailed for life.

Wayne Forrester told police he felt "devastated" and "humiliated" when his wife changed her status to single a few days after she had kicked him out of their marital home.

Appearing before the Old Bailey, barristers explained how Forrester was drunk, and had been taking cocaine before driving back to their home in south London and attacking his wife, stabbing her to death with a kitchen knife. He believed his wife had been having an affair.

Forrester pleaded guilty to the crime, and will now serve a minimum of 14 years.

In a prepared statement, Forrester told the court: "Emma and I had just split up. She forced me out of the house and then posted messages on an internet website telling everyone she had left me and was looking to meet other men.

"I felt that I was watching somebody else attacking Emma. It was as though I had no control of what I was doing."

MotoMorphic Hell Pig


2 When Victor Komunytsky and Jim davis decided to build the MotoMorphic JaFM, they had to sacrifice their small repair shop and their small business of selling motorcycles in order to put more time and effort into building their beauty. This prototype makes you think of a Respingo when you first see it. The monstrous 250 mm wheel is enough to make heads turn and bring you all the attention you ever wanted. An Aprilia Falco which was baptized as the hell’s pig was the guinea pig to test and try solutions as the tyre proved to be a problem. The next step was to build a multi tubular chassis and they chose an Ohlins fork, Brembo brakes and a couple of other things. The result was a beefy, all American, aggressive motorcycle that sure kept everyone at the motor shows gasping for breath.

The frame and swingarm are made of 6061-T6 tubing and
CNC machined billet 6061.
The lower spars are 5 inch, the uppers 4 inch,
and the frame head is 6 inch.
Gasoline is held in the frame, with a capacity of
approximately 6 1/2 US gallons.
The swingarm is 3 and 2 inch tubing and CNC subcomponents.
Ohlins forks, Penske shock, Brembo brake calipers and
rear mastercylinder, ISR front mastercylinder, Magura/PFM
clutch mastercylinder.
Stainless brake and clutch lines from Galfer.
Rotax V990 fuel injected one liter dual overhead cam
4 valve per cylinder liquid cooled V-twin engine with
a 6 speed transmission and dry oil sump.
The 4 inch diameter tank with hemispherical ends
on the left side of the bike is the oil tank.
First pass Dyno tune yielded 108 hp, 68 ft-lbs of torque.
Wheels and tires: Front 8 1/2 inch with a 250 tire, Rear
10 1/2 inch with a 300 tire; wheels 6061-T6 alloy drawn
and then CNC machined.


Kuwait 2008 Crime & Safety Report

This is an extract of a report from OSAC.

The Department of State rates Kuwait as low threat for crime. The incidence of crime in Kuwait City remains low. Of particular concern is an alarming number of incidents involving persons impersonating police officers and then assaulting victims, who are primarily third-country nationals (TCNs) and who are more susceptible to intimidation. Violent crime is primarily confined within the TCN community, which comprises the majority of the manual labor force in Kuwait: approximately two-thirds of Kuwait’s residents.Incidents of harassment and road rage, although infrequent, do occur and appear to be on the rise. Females have reported being occasionally accosted or harassed by Arab or South Asian males, particularly while driving alone in the early morning or late night hours. I for one question the accuracy of this report, read it and give your feed back. Click here.


Madonna once a Bitch always a Bitch

bitch Madonna's marriage finally broke down in a bitter row over a £1.5million gift she gave husband Guy Ritchie. The 40-year-old director incensed his wife when she gave him the gift in April to make a documentary and he told her: “After all I’ve been through, it’s too late.”

The singer handed over the cash for him to make a film but was furious when he announced he was suspending the project because of his troubled relationship and she demanded the money back.

Madge, 50, immediately phoned her lawyer Fiona Shackleton and declared: “It’s over with Guy. I want a divorce.”

“A lot of Guy’s money is tied up and because of Madonna’s wealth she could effectively call upon the cash very quickly.

“That’s why he asked her. It wasn’t like the money was sat there in their joint account. Madonna was incensed, though. After sleeping on it, she thought enough was enough and phoned Shackleton the next morning to set up a meeting.

To date, the matter has not been resolved and she is still expecting the ‘gift’ back.

What a cheap slut!!!!!!

Titanic survivor sells mementoes

eng_titanic_teaser__684233g Mementoes from the Titanic put up for sale by the last remaining survivor to help pay for her nursing home fees have fetched over £30,000, auctioneers said.

Millvina Dean was forced to sell a 100-year-old suitcase filled with clothes which was given to her family by the people of New York when they arrived in America after being rescued.

The 96-year-old also auctioned rare prints of the fated cruise liner which have been signed by the artists along with compensation letters sent to her mother by the Titanic Relief Fund.

The suitcase today fetched £10,800, the prints £9,250 and the letters sold for £11,100. They went under the hammer at Henry Aldridge and Son auctioneers in Devizes, Wiltshire.

In total they made £31,150 - more than ten times the amount Miss Dean had said she hoped to raise

Not a Bad return on investment after all these years.

Welcome To Iron City. Watch Your Back

The most notorious town in the South Iron City, Tennessee. Urban legends tell of an isolated Southern town where the residents ran-off their police department and outsiders fear to tread. To blues musician Big Mike Griffin, it seemed like great material for a song. So, he rides his Harley deep into Tennessee’s backwoods along with his .40 caliber and a cigar chomping ex-Marine as a guide. ..Welcome to Iron City. The 2-Disc set documentary which includes a soundtrack CD retails for $19.95 and can be ordered through Amazon


Mom and son barbecue grandma's remains

Cremation_Scam_377843d A 50-year-old woman and her 30-year-old son in Corning, California have been accused of barbecuing the remains of Ramona Allmond, their 84 year old mother/grandmother.  The creepy, kooky and altogether ooky pair also allegedly cashed her social security and retirement checks after she died.  More specifically, after they CREMATED HER ON A BARBECUE.
Although the cause of Ramona Yolanda Allmond's death may never be known, her daughter and grandson allegedly allowed her body to lie on the bedroom floor for a week until moving it to a concrete culvert behind their residence, Hosler said.
The culvert had been used by the family as a makeshift barbecue, he said, noting that the family had used it to cook their Thanksgiving turkey several weeks before Allmond's death.
It's not known if they used it after the alleged cremation.


2009 Ducati Monster 1100 promo video

Tawney Kitaen WTF!


Tawney Kitaen the ever famous heart throb that made us teen agers drool all over, when she first appeared in the ever so popular White snake video "Here I Go Again" back in 1982 ( I was 19 at the time). A couple of days back I was watching VH1 and caught a glimpse of the video, just to check where in the world is she now, I googled her name. I shouldn’t have done that!! Some memories are better left unearthed.

Father: Terry Kitaen (neon signmaker)
Mother: Linda Taylor Kitaen (homemaker)
Husband: David Coverdale (musician, Whitesnake, dated 1985-89, m. 17-Feb-1989, div. Apr-1991)
Husband: Chuck Finley (baseball player, b. 26-Sep-1962, m. 20-Nov-1997, div. 4-Apr-2002)
Daughter: Wynter Merin Finley (b. 18-Mar-1993 with Finley)
Daughter: Raine (b. 1-Jun-1998 with Finley)
Boyfriend: O. J. Simpson (football player-alleged killer)
Boyfriend: Jerry Seinfeld (actor-comic, dated early 1990s)
Boyfriend: Jon Stewart (comic-newscaster, dated 1995)
Slept with: Tommy Lee (musician, Mötley Crüe)

High School: Mission Bay High School, San Diego, CA (dropped out)

Vandalism Arrested 18-Apr-2001 for keying an automobile
Domestic Violence 1-Apr-2002 against husband Chuck Finley
Drug Possession: Cocaine (May-2006), pled guilty
unknown detox facility Las Vegas, NV
unknown detox facility Phoenix, AZ
Risk Factors: Depression, Cocaine, Dyslexia

مصري يذبح أولاده الثلاثة بالسيف

I was flabbergasted watching this so called filth of a human being, confessing to the murder of his 3 children. It seems that until today some people have difficulties understanding the fine lines between life, history and religion. It is sad and unfortunate that such a hideous crimes can take place and yet its still happening around the world. I have included the link, which is an extract of a 90 minute interview of the killer.


Tarantino Hell Ride


Bikes, Beer and Booties. I got hold of Quentin Tarantino newest movie Hell Ride. The movie is typical of Tarantino, bunch of rival bikers the 666 and the Victors fighting it off in a gang war somewhere on route 66. The characters were great, Michael Madsen a regular in Tarantino movies, ever since reservoir dogs, David Carradine and Dennis Hopper. Unfortunately Hell Ride fails to deliver on many fronts, it is more of a 70 style B-Movie, I would have liked Tarantino to join forces with Rob Zombie on this one. Overall if you like Tarantino style of movies, you will like Hell Ride, just don't raise your expectations.

Kids at Marina (ranting)


Since the weather got better, I started riding on my motorcycle to Marina, either early morning or late afternoon. However this year it seems that the number of kids around Marina has quadrupled and to aggravate things, their guardians have no control. This episode happened last week, after a quick coffee at Starbucks in the late afternoon I returned to my bike to see a bunch of kids jumping on and off the bike, stepping on my exhaust, twisting the throttle and sitting on the tank. I was getting enraged with the sight of my beloved Blitzy getting fornicated by a bunch of imbeciles in public.So I shouted get off the Bike and the kids looked at me and ignored me, I went straight to them and lifted the kid of my seat and told him off. From behind me I hear Esh Da3wa Yuba, I turned around with daggers flying out of my eyes and told him eshh da3wa? if I find your car open the door and play with it, and while at it jump on the hood. He was taken aback by my answer, then I continued to lecture him. He probably thought I was stupid and this is  only a piece of junk. Junk or no Junk, this is my private property so back off next time you see a bike parked. He disappeared uttering some words with no apologies whatsoever.

How the hell can you educate people around here and get them to understand that a motorcycle is not a public toy.

Jaguar "leaper" motorcycle


The bike is six feet long and cobbled together with parts from a 1,200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt that was bought off eBay. It can only reach speeds of 50 mph, but that makes it easier for bystanders to check out the meticulously sculpted fiberglass body that pay's tribute to Jaguar's official mascot. The finished product is a pretty spectacular piece of rolling art, so we think its dynamic shortcomings can be forgiven.
In my opinion its too fugly to look at and even worse to drive, I think its pointless.


Saw 5 Red Band Teaser Trailer

After this Saw 5 movie, there will be Saw 6and Saw 7. But I doubt this will be the end, either Jigsaw still has a few long-term tricks or he’s be preparing a heir to his bloody throne! Boring, I will watch anyways.

New Valkyrie (2008)

In a country in the grips of evil, in a police state where every move is being watched, bla bla... We saw it, we read it, do we really need to endure 90 minutes with Tom Cruise as Claus von Stauffenberg.

BEDTIME STORIES - Official Trailer

Adam Sandler is back after the infamous Zohan.

Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs - Official Trailer

Britney, Pink, Beyonce Pepsi Commercial

Transporter 3 Official Trailer

Similar to crank with a bomb. Probably highly entertaining.


Borat took Wembley Stadium by storm


TWENTY Borats took Wembley Stadium by storm dressed in mankinis ahead of England’s clash with Kazakhstan. the lookalikes arrived on The Sun’s open topped bus to greet fans turning up for the match, complete with black wigs and handlebar moustaches.

The Sun has teamed up with cancer charity Orchid to raise awareness of prostate cancer among men. Our band of Borats handed out leaflets and wristbands as thousands of supporters swarmed the home of English football. Cool gesture for a good cause.

Credit crunch is blamed for rise in viagra sales in City of London

fuckitall Now this is even funnier, CITY workers are suffering in the bedroom just as much as the boardroom it was revealed today – with sales of sex potions rising by 400 PER CENT.

Job losses and financial strife brought on by the global credit crunch have seen a 250 per cent rise in national sales of herbal Viagra over the last two weeks. But the biggest increase has taken place in London as city slickers look to beat their woes by spicing up their sex life. Sales in the capital have rocketed by 400 per cent over the past fortnight – according to adult store Private Shops – the biggest rise in more than a decade. Private Shops spokeswoman Sally Barker said: ”The sales are incredible. We haven't experienced anything like this since the 90s. ”With all the uncertainty over jobs, mortgages and savings, men are clearly turning to sex to have some fun. ”Our London outlets have seen the biggest sales spike. We've had to bring in extra supplies to cope. Sales are up 420 per cent across the capital. Sally Barker added: ”Turn over of fantasy items has increased 150 per cent on average over the past month nationally with London seeing the biggest rise. ”French maid and fireman outfits, nurses uniforms, rubber and leather - they are all flying out of the stores.

"With all the uncertainty and job losses in the City, men are snapping the stuff up.” 

Women should be wishing for a market crash everyday, as it seems its driving men wild.

Attacked while romping

sex-girl_jpg_display Hilarious story I picked up from the Sun. couple having sex in the woods were viciously beaten with sticks and batons by a gang of yobs. One of the gang laughed and shouted: “What the f**k are you doing, you whore.” Keely Hill, 22, and her partner were left bruised and shocked by the unprovoked attack. They were at a rave in fields in Brighton when they decided to sneak off for an al fresco romp.

“It was totally gratuitous and random," she said. My friend and I went off to have sex in the woods and then, suddenly, these blokes came over and started shouting. These youths were just out to cause trouble and attack people for no reason and we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I decided to speak out to help police identify those responsible, it was premeditated and obscene. Woops what's obscene her sex act or the beating?

BMW S 1000 RR turn up the heat

BMW took the wraps off its upcoming S 1000 RR World Superbike contender as the Motorrad division showed the new bike in its official race colors at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany. Taking a good look at the photos, we can see that the bike is indeed very compact. Look through the numerous cutouts and vents in the fairing and you'll see how neat and tidy the new literbike is. Next year, new BMW factory riders Ruben Xaus and past Superbike champion Troy Corser will ride the 190-horsepower S 1000 RR in competition against the Big Four Japanese superbikes, the Ducati 1098 R and the new RSV4 from Aprilia. It should all be very exciting to watch.



Katy Perry’s lyrics of “I kissed a girl” are getting kids into trouble!

untitled It may seem hypocritical: Cheerleader, whose primary purpose is to look sexy while screaming and dancing, while a flock of young men are engaged in a sport is one of USA's most popular institutions.
When three Texan Cheerleader entered performed a dance routine to this summer's big hit, Katy Perry  'I Kissed A Girl'  the immediate result was a suspension from all future sporting events at school.
'I Kissed A Girl'  was considered a lesbian theme song and did not play well in the Bible belt-school. We liked the song, we liked to dance to it. It was fun. There was no hidden message. We would just dancing around, "said one of the suspended Cheerleader. Go figure how American think!


Lars Ulrich auctioning his painting.


Lars Ulrich  is a Danish drummer better known as the co-founder of the American heavy metal band Metallica. It seems that Lars has a hidden talent besides song writing and drumming. Lars is also a painter and he scheduled to auction his paintings at Christie's International in New York.The painting you see has been estimated at 12 million USD and expected to fetch 20+. Now I am not an art guru, however if this monstrosity can fetch that much money, I guess Rob Zombie should also have a go at painting too.

Has Microsoft got its eye on BlackBerry?

it_portal_pic_107046 Microsoft could be preparing a bid for BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion, according to analysts.

RIM's shares have practically fallen off a cliff in recent months, plunging from a 52-week high of $150 to today's price of around $68.

With the credit crunch likely to slow corporate IT spending, RIM could become even more vulnerable if the financial crisis doesn't dissipate quickly.

That leaves the company vulnerable to a takeover from a cash-rich suitor such as Microsoft, according to analysts. "RIM is a massive strategic fit [for Microsoft]," claims Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek, in an interview with Reuters. "I'm fairly certain they have a standing offer to buy them at $50 [a share]."

Microsoft has around $23 billion of cash on its balance sheet, with RIM currently valued at around $34 billion. Such a move will position MS aggressively in the mobile space competing directly against Nokia, Sonu-Ericsson and Apple.

Are women tougher than men?

sylvia I can't remember the impact itself, but I do remember flying through the air, thinking: "so this was my life".

I have broken my shin, but it's a "nice fracture".
The pelvis is broken too: "that needs time".
A vertebra is broken as well: "alsa matter of time".
Two ribs have been broken, crushed by the left shoulder blade, and the left clavicle has been broken: "those will heal by themselves".
And a finger of the right hand...

One of the ribs has made a small hole in a lung.

"Oh", I think, "it's rather ok. Just some broken bones".  This the story of a lady biker Sylvia and avid traveler she works as a co-author of the Design patterns course of the Open University, and is in the process of co-authoring a course on Software architecture. Sylvia crashed her bike going to work in 2005. I have to admit she is one tuff lady and a true biker and she puts to shame a lot of the so called local bikers to shame. Link

What the heck is wrong with the weather?

heat Today my wife and I decided to take a ride on the Harleys, big mistake, the temperature at 7:30am was on the rise and registered 38 degrees in my car. I thought it might get cooler when we rode, however I did not expect it to hit 42 degrees. I bumped into Marzook in Marina around 9:30, he was hastily heading for his KTM and heading home. After breakfast and meeting up with the rest of the gang, we headed for a quick ride on the Gulf direction free zone, my wife was dizzy riding, around 11:30 we had to stop for some water at Starbucks and decided to call it a day and headed home on the fourth. Damn this heat for how long do we have to suffer.


Confederate Limited-Edition Fighter Motorcycle

confederate-limited-editionupset you can't buy your very own Batpod? Well, the new Confederate Limited-Edition Fighter Motorcycle ($110,000) is pretty damn close. Limited to just 45 bikes, the Fighter features a carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum chassis, with a 64" wheelbase, integrated braking system, 1966c.c. engine, and a top speed of 190mph. Good luck getting it integrated into your car, though if you have the money to buy this beast, that's probably not going to be a problem.

2009 Honda XL700V Transalp

transalp-2008-givi-2 One of our all time favorite motorcycles the iconic, dual-purpose Honda XL700V rides into 2009 with new colours - Honda’s latest C-ABS anti-lock brakes. The engine is the same 680cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected v-twin as last year, now tweaked for full Euro 3 compliance. It produces 60bhp at 7,750rpm and 60Nm of torque at 5,500rpm – and it’s said to be one of the most reliable engines on the planet, take that BMW!

In all honesty as a previous owner of an 86 Transalp, this bikes rolls, its comfortable for 2 up touring, maintaining cruising speeds at 140 all day, and consumption was frugal. I owned the Transalp for 2 year and loved every moment on this bike.


2009 Ducati GT1000 Touring unveiled

After the Monster 1100 and 1100S, Ducati have now released the GT1000 Touring, which is now a part of their 2009 SportClassic range. The bike will be available in the glossy black paintscheme you see here, with a range of accessories – tall windshield, luggage racks and various chrome-plated bits. Mechanically, the GT1000 Touring is no different from the regular GT1000, which will, of course, still be a part of the 2009 Ducati lineup. The bike looks are kind of odd, WTF the rear is too elevated looks like a cross breed of MX and monster, I don’t see  the touring side of the bike, this is one Fugly Duke Dude!!!!gt3

Sexiest woman alive!

halle_berry Sexy star of the silver screen Halle Berry has been voted sexiest woman alive by readers of Esquire magazine.

On winning the title she said: "I don't know exactly what it means but, being 42 and having just had a baby, I think I'll take it."

Melanie B to spice up Playboy?

Britain_Mel_B  In spite of Hugh Hefner fetish for very young blonde, the spice girl has been offered fby Playboy the sum of 500,000KD  to bare it all.
Although Melanie Brown who is  33 years old and mulatto was flattered to be asked to pose for Playboy, she has so far delayed any agreement. Although she is till thinking about it – Maybe next year, says Mel B to The Sun. Makes you wonder that it does pay to have a boob job, it seems the returns are better than buying stocks.

Mexico half a ton man dies

Jose Luis Garza  47 years.who once weighed half a ton, and unable to leave his bed for more than five years, Jose has lost 397 pounds since he began a high-protein diet a year ago. He now weighs about 840 pounds. Unfortunately for Jose his heart could not cope and failed him. Jose obesity was a direct result of his massive Junk Food intake while working as a bowling alley manager.



Ferrari Motorbike Concept

ferrari_v4_motorcycle_151 ferrari_v4_drive_unit_07

While everybody is raving about the new Ferrari California, a gem in the making is being prototyped at the Scuderia.This may not be the first effort at creating a Ferrari motorcycle, but it may very well be the best. Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari, the departed son of company founder Enzo, was said to have raced specially-prepared motorcycles in the 1950s. In the 1970s, Kay Engineering crafted a racing bike, now said to be worth half a million dollars, with full factory backing to honor Enzo Ferrari. In the '80s, legendary motorcycle designer Arlen Ness styled a one-off chopper on the Testarossa, while some guy named George crafted a pair of Ferrari-powered superbikes. Last year someone built a custom Scuderia Ferrari chopper for the retiring Michael Schumacher (who has since been trying his hand at motorbike racing), and earlier this year a collector crafted a model of what a Ferrari sportbike could look like. This one has to be the slickest.

Naked Pamela as birthday present


Hugh Hefner had probably got his wish, when Pamela Anderson in April threw her clothes and  served birthday cake in connection with the Playboy-founder 82nd birthday.
Hefner - despite his advanced age and the presence of girlfriend trio Kendra, Bridget and Holly – was exhilarated at the site of naked Pam :
- You look great, commented Heff while his sight was deadlocked  at the two assets that have made Pamela Anderson a world star.

After Hefner blew his birthday candles, Pamela gave him with a lap dance, which was rounded off with a juicy kiss on the lips.

Not bad birthday boy, no wonder you keep on going!

2009 Aprilia RSV 4

864 Aprilia unveiled today a complete technical specifications for the superbike or RSV 4. Thus Aprilia RSV4 in the street version will have a maximum power of 180hp at 12,500 rpm that a torque of 115 Nm at 10,000 rpm while its own mass will be 179kg. Taking into account that the reservoir is 17 liters, most likely net weight will exceed 200kg

2009 BMW K1300R, K1300S and K1300GT



The model kept naked in front suspension naturally Duolever and weighting machine monobra cardan and engine with four cylinders in line develops 173 hp. The motorcycle has a mass of 217 kg own and dispose of ABS.
Although the price has not yet been established, K 1300 R will be available in all BMW dealers network before the end of this year. The motorcycle will be acquired in several new versions of color: orange, gray and white.


This week end first ride

khaleejOh yeah, its definitely autumn well at least till 11 am, we headed out to Marina for breakfast at Zaatar wzeit then riding up the Gulf to Starbucks free zone, not bad for a second outing on the Blitz. A couple of hiccups, are yet to be ironed out, rear tire needs to be replaced with 180 as traction is lousy with power slides in every corner. A small leak has developed needs my attention as well as the front cylinder feels mushy. The front forks thicker oil to minimize  nose dive, minor stuff.

Who is Nasser Khader?

khadenaser Naser Khader is a son of a Palestinian father and a Syrian mother. He was raised in a small rural town outside Damascus in a traditional Syrian way. As a Palestinian refugee, his father had difficulties getting a good job in Syria, and even though they lived in the village of his wife she was often referred to as "the one who married a stranger".

Nasser is a member of the Parliament of Denmark for Liberal Alliance. Until 7 May 2007, he represented the Social Liberal Party. A leading proponent of peaceful co-existence of democracy and Islam, he established a new movement Democratic Muslims.

He is the co-founder of an association of internationally renowned Islamic critics who want to make Copenhagen the epicenter of the fight against Muslim fanaticism.

The association was founded on a French Wine Chateau a month and a half ago, but the name and membership list is kept close to the provisional body.

Since the Danish caricature affair raged, Imams traveled around the world and showed drawings and photos in the Middle East and the Danish embassies were stuck in the fire.  Naser Khader rose to be a national hero, as he showed both Danes and the outside world that there are Muslims, who support democracy and freedom of speech above all else - including religion. When was the last time Jesus was portrayed as pedophile and terrorist and the Vatican took a back seat?

So who is this Nasser, a third class citizen trying to gain political momentum and fame in Denmark by supporting the slandering of the Muslim religion to gain political votes and financial return, or is he a true democrat?

Picture of the week

POTD_WEEK_2__585x43_409094a Aprilia 250cc rider Alex Debon of Spain crashes in the first qualifying practice session of the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island

Beyoncé Shows Off $5M Wedding Ring

beyonce_knowles240 Jay-Z sure knows how to pick the bling!
All eyes were on Beyoncé Friday night, when, for the first time, the singer publicly displayed her wedding ring on the red carpet for Fashion Rocks at Radio City Music Hall in N.Y.C.
The singer, 27, who secretly married rapper Jay-Z in April, flashed an 18 carat flawless diamond by Lorraine Schwartz, valued at more than $5 million dollars, according to the jeweler. Geez I could easily retire for half this amount.

White Pride


white_pride_373721d Who are they and what do they stand for a modern KKK, they are Danish right wing minority with one objective in mind free Denmark from foreigner or so called black filth (arabs – indians – turks etc)

- We are not just football hooligans. We are also political. Right. Racists.
- We are not like other football-fans. They see only football and fight. We also have strong political and ideological positions. We want a clean race Denmark.
WP headquarters is a messy and filthy room filled with beer cans, cigarette butts and merchandise. The propaganda material, T-shirts, CDs and elephant hats inscribed with the group's  initials and Hitler  logo messages.
- We recruit only decent racists in football environment.
- We signal clearly that we are racists, and we want the blacks sent back to their own countries. 
-  They have chickens in the house and shit in a hole.
- But the blacks think they own it all. I will not even talk to them. And I would never ever go on vacation in a Muslim country
- Young Danish women  are lovers of niggers
- A white woman who is with a negro or an Arab, is a race traitors. A country traitors.  A box mattress. 
- She is worse than a HOG. She adds impure blood to the white race.
- White Pride is not a democratic association, assures us the 28-year-old group leads:
- It's me and two others, who decide everything. Democracy is no good. People should obey orders and accept a strict militaristic and disciplined behavior.
- When I say 'attack the group' - so we attack! It is prohibited to abscond. 
- It is strange that immigrant gangs do not attack us. But I do not think they dare.

OK so these MF of Danes called WP, has nothing but shit for brains, if impurity is giving birth to children in a mixed marriage, I am guilty as sin, and if they are unable to satisfy their women well tuff luck you were born dickless. If you are interested this is the link to the cradle of Filth!

حدث يتهم 11 درّاج «هارلي» بضربه

LOL here we go again more bullshit to deal with. Found this article in Al Anbaa.

في بلاغ غريب من نوعه تقدم مواطن مساء امس الى مخفر الاحمدي وسجل قضية ضد 11 شخصا قال انهم قاموا بإيقافه وضربه وشتمه امام رجال الامن.

وفي تفاصيل بلاغه بحسب دعواه، انه فوجئ بـ 11 شخصا على دراجات هارلي يقومون بمطاردته بعد ان قام بتجاوزهم اذ كانوا يغلقون الطريق امامه.

وقال المبــلغ انه حاول الهرب منــهم ولجــأ الى رجــال امن كانوا يتوقـفون بدوريتــين على جانــب دوار في منــطقة الصباحية، الا ان الــدراجــين الـ11 اوقفوه بالقــرب من الدوريتـــين وقــاموا بإنزاله وضربه وشتمه على مرأى ومسمع من رجال الامن.

واوضح مصدر امني ان المبلغ قام بإرفاق تقرير طبي في دعواه يوضح اصابته.

واشار الى ان القضية سلمت الى مباحث الاحمدي لمتابعتها، اما الطريف في الموضوع فهو ان المبلغ الذي كان يقود السيارة كان مجرد حدث لا يحمل رخصة قيادة.

First Lebanese to make the Playboy Cover

Jaque_Khury Jacqueline Khoury is the first Lebanese "Woman" to make the covers of Playboy magazine (Brazil Edition, March 2008). Should we consider this a national pride?


Help find Madeleine

 mady Madeleine Mc Cain was abducted on 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal, 9 days before her 4th birthday. She was taken from our holiday apartment where she was sleeping with her younger brother and sister whilst we were dining 50 yards away. Despite a massive investigation led by the Portuguese police and supported by the British police, we still do not know who has taken her, why she was taken or where she is. In addition, private investigators based in Spain are now following up any leads regarding Madeleine’s disappearance.

Hello, since do we live our 4 years old alone, to dine out. Not even 5 meters away, sadly this is the sad truth when our pleasure obscures our ability to set priorities. Now the chocking part although 1000's of children are abducted every year, what makes this case special, is it because she is British and abducted abroad, it seems a lot conspiracy theories are floating around the parents involvement, as Madeleine blood was discovered in their car. And now this sad story has turned out to a circus as the website for Madeleine has an online store.

Salma hayek half lesbian?

Stand_Up_to_Cancer__374013d The English TV host Eamonn Holmes had difficulty understanding Salma Hayek Latin-accent, when he interviewed the movie star in the studio for his live show 'This Morning' on Friday morning.

Eamonn got red cheeks when he misunderstood Salma Hayek and thought that she had just come out of the closed as a half lesbian on his program.


Salma Hayek is half Mexican and half Lebanese, and that was when the talk fell on her surname, that the host had problems.
- Hayek does not sound particularly Mexican, said Holmes.
- I am half Lebanese, was her answer, which was misunderstood  by the English host.
- So you're a lesbian?, He asked puzzled, while Salma Hayek collapsed of mockery and slowly repeated:
- I am half Lebanese.

What a twit, he should clean his ears before the show.