Cool Furniture The Ghoul!!!

Some interior redesigning, might be on you priority list for 2008, you should consider, The "ghoul" lies concealed under the seat, and according to ScareFactory, all hair-raising 6.3m of it will spring out to terrify even the most hardcore braveheart. We're not sure what triggers this boogeyman to pop up, but if this doesn't up the terror count, you can always scare yourself with the sticker shock of US$2,895, shipping not included. Breaks my heart..


Lamborghini Gallardo vs. Ducati 999

I love this series, goes to show time and time again, money cant buy you speed, the Gallardo is beaten fair and square, and on straight line such as Kuwait Geography a warming for the wise steer away from a Duke 999.

See the XR 1200™ Prototype in Action!

Hmmm, wheelies, stability, speed is this a Harley or a Hoax??



Now that the trip is over and my trip blog has come to an end http://kuwaittobeirut.blogspot.com/, I am still coming to terms with my bent out of shape physical stand. Everyday I struggle to get out of bed, as muscle aches are crippling me, is it because of the trip or the weather change in Kuwait. Anyways I have decided to join a health club, trim my self down a couple of kilos, tone these muscles and get ready for a better year ahead.