Naked Aggression

MAXvsSuz So called naked bikes such as the B-Max and V-King, or was it the other way around? Have reinstated the concept of less clutter more power to the motorcycling world. OK the Monstro still holds a soft spot in my heart, but pales in comparison to the new Daemons on the Block. I would love to have the chance to test ride both bikes, however until that time. I though I would give you my own bike of choice.

Both bikes have been introduced as concept bikes, the B-King 6 years ago and the V-Max about the same. the V-Max is an evolution of the existing 25 years old V-Max. The B-King is a naked redesigned version of the Busa. From an engine stand point both have an excellent pedigree.

The V-Max 1985, was a breakthrough in motorcycling, yes that long back!

4-stroke, liquid cooled DOHC, 4-valve, V-four cylinder - 130 HP  - Weight 262kg. MSRP $6099. Price per HP= 46.9$ / weight to hp ratio 2.0

4 Stroke, 1679cc liquid-cooled 65° V-4, DOHC, 4 valves/cylinder - 190 HP - Weight 310kg. MSRP 16,900. Price per HP= 88.9$ / weight to hp ratio 1.6

V-Max, if  produced with 190 HP back in 1985 the cost would have been $8911, truth of the matter is, I expected the V-MAX 2009 to retail for $12,000. With a hefty price tag of $17,000, its entering the BMW - Harley - Ducati and other so called exotic bike league, putting it out of contention for the mass market. The V-MAX has not been announced in Kuwait yet and even if it does, the local dealer service record is not what will make people flock to buy the V-MAX, if lucky we will see a handful on the streets of Kuwait.

Enter the B-King much heralded in 2001 saw the light of day in 2008, the B-King is powered by the Hayabusa engine with 185HP with a dry weight of 235 KG not a light weight in comparison to others spots bike in its category.

The B-king is priced at 3200KD ($13,000)and if we apply the same calculation ratio as on the VMAX the number will read as follow

Price per HP= $70 /weight to hp ratio 1.2

Although on paper the B-King looks faster the V-MAX delivers 400cc more giving it that extra humph in torque to propel its deficit of 0.4 kg faster through the straight line.

The Suzuki dealer in Kuwait does not offer any warrantee on the bike, this is quite a disaster given you are paying 3200KD for a bike.

Conclusion I would buy neither bikes in Kuwait, the Suzuki for no warrantee and the Yamaha for its rapid depreciating value. Bottom line your money would be better spend on a V-ROD, BMW or Ducati. At least you will get your money worth in terms of warrantee, service and resale value.

Second verdict, if I am residing State side or Europe, I would definitely vote for the V-MAX, given its pedigree and followers there will be enough custom parts to keep you happy.

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