RIP: Paul Newman 1925-2008


Actor, racer, philanthropist and all-around great human being Paul Newman has died. Newman was 83 years old and is believed to have been diagnosed with cancer in 2007. His acting career spanned more than half a century and included roles such as "Fast" Eddie Felson, Cool Hand Luke, and Louisiana Gov Earl Long among many, many others. His Newman's Own food line has raised more than $200 million for charity. His partnership with Carl Haas owning race teams in Can-Am and Indy Cars lasted over 25 years and Newman himself won countless races in various national and international classes.



2009 Ducati Monster 1100 and 1100S


The much rumoured, awaited and anticipated Ducati Monster 1100 is finally here, gorgeous, stunning and sexy. 1100cc v-twin, which makes 95bhp at 7,500rpm and 10.5Kgm of torque at 6,000rpm.


New number converter from Wataniya


Have not tested it yet.

Update just installed it it works perfectly well.


Ramadan in Pictures

ramadan1 35 breathtaking picture depicting Ramadan around the world. Pictures are published by Boston.com. Click on this link to enjoy this wonderful set and share it with others.


For the last 72 hours, I have been listening to my daughter rehearsing Duffy's song, for her school talent show. Leaving me crying for mercy to stop this song and she wants to go to the talent show tooo!!!


100,000 KD Question

 3165421 Here is the deal, I would like to pick your brains by asking the above question. If you have a 100,000KD Capital what kind of business will you set up in Kuwait. Try to be creative, and steer away from investments.

ASUS M70 One Terabyte Laptop Screams "FIRST!!!"

untitled Asus has broken the Terrabyte barrier, with their new product offering the M70.

M70 Specification
Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology
- Intel Core™ 2 Duo T7500 ~T7700/T8100/T8300/T9300 Processor
- Mobile Intel® PM965
- Intel® PRO/Wireless 4965ABGN Network Connection; Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (optional)
- Genuine Windows Vista® Business
-M70SA: ATI Mobile Radeon HD3650 with 1G VRAM (500GBx2)
M70SR: ATI Mobile Radeon HD3470 with 256MB VRAM
DDRII 667MHz, 2 up to 4GB*; Support Intel Turbo Memory
*Depends on OS support
Built-in 1.3M pixel swivel webcam
12.5" HDD 500G/ 9.5" HDD 160/200/250/320G; Support Dual HDD: up to 1 Terra HDD (500GBx2)
17" WUXGA screen displaying 1920x1200 resolution


Dreaming of Adventure?


I was browsing for a real adventurous bike ride and I came across Kudu expeditions. Kudu gives you the choice of 4 itineraries and the mother of all trip the Round The World trip.

  • PARIS - DAKAR Challenge (4,000 miles)
  • TRANS-SAHARA Challenge (3,000 miles)
  • TRANS-AFRICA 2010 (18,000 miles)
  • TRANS-AMERICAS (20,000 miles)
  • RTW 2009 and 2010 (20,000 miles)

Prices range from KD1,400 - 13,000, depending if you want to bring your own bike or get a BMW F650 GS (either the standard or Dakar version) issued from KUDU. You will also get pre-expedition training  held over two weekends for the bigger trips, and one day for the Paris-Dakar Challenges in the run up to the departure date, and is included in the price.

Kudu also provides you with

  • Full mechanical and administrative support
  • Spare parts for Kudu owned bikes
  • All equipment required to service and repair Kudu owned bikes
  • Emergency medical equipment
  • Communications equipment for use by Kudu personnel
  • Tents - 1 per person
  • Cooking facilities
  • Blog Record Trophy

    trophy-cup Since Ramadan started, I have managed to post 55, 56 articles including this one on my Blog. My personal stats shows that last year, within the same period, I was pretty busy with my wife's bike that I did not get the time to blog. WOW 56 in less than 21 days, that would be a personal best and reflects the workload in this holly month. Obviously work productivity declined and blogging activity increased.  Good Ramadan is over soon, so things can go back to normal limiting my blogging activities to 4 articles a week. On a another note is there a Kuwaiti award for bloggers?

    2009 Aprilia RSV4 Mama Mia!

    rsv_4_8 The V4-powered superbike with which Aprilia will go racing in WSBK next year, with Max Biaggi riding the bike.
    Aprilia will build two versions of the RSV4 –  both of which will be powered by Aprilia’s all-new 65-degree V4 engine. The new V4 is expected to make around 180bhp in street trim (in a package that weighs barely 190kg), while the racing version will pump out around 210-220bhp. Pricing isn’t likely to be for cheap– around US$30,000 for the base model.


    2009 Ducati 1198 gets bigger engine, more power

    2009_Ducati_1198 A company insider has exclusively revealed  that Ducati will be upping the 1098’s capacity to 1198cc for 2009. In keeping with the 1200cc World Superbike v-twin capacity limit, the Ducati 1098R already displaces 1198cc, so we expect to see a version of its engine used in the 2009 Ducati 1198, but in a lower state of tune and using less exotic parts. An educated guess would put the 1198’s power output halfway between the 1098’s 160bhp and the 1098R’s 180bhp. There’s no word on the 1098R’s performance-oriented traction control trickling down to lesser models. But that’s not all Ducati has in store for 2009.
    Ducati has  confirmed that the 1198 will have 170bhp. While the base 1198 receives a $500 price bump (to $16,495 in the US), the 1198S will remain the same at $20,995 (US). We've also learned that 1198 will be lighter than the outgoing 1098 and may receive a facelift. Link

    Is the world coming to an end?

    Spice_Girls I guess with the news I am hearing lately, Lehman, Nasdaq, AIG, KSE and Oil prices dropping things could not look any bleaker, then comes the last nail in the coffin. Spice Girls reunion beats Led Zeppelin, after reading this all hopes were gone. The SG reunion was judged to have been better than the historic one-off comeback by rock legends Led Zeppelin. They went as far as to dub it Stairway to Girl Power. Now don't get me wrong, I am not sexist, however to be honest, I’ve never heard of the Vodafone Live Music Awards — though it sounds like something that might be held at a grimy Irish pub in London — but apparently the Girls were voted Best Live Return.

    Led Zeppelin 30 years after disbanding following Bonham's death in 1980, the band continues to be held in high regard for their artistic achievements, commercial success and broad influence. The band have sold more than 300 million albums worldwide vs 55 million for the Spicers The Spice Girls are revered as gay icons, especially in the UK, wow big influence in 6 years of existence.

    John-Paul-Jones-lg Apparently MTV news agrees with me, and I quote "how do I put this delicately? — Led freakin’ Zeppelin. No disrespect to the Spicers, but I’m going to assume the Vodafone folks had some static on the line when they decided to dis what was likely the most anticipated (and lauded) rock and roll reunion show of our lifetime." Maybe there is still hope after all to save the world after all.



    Disaster Movie

    disasterdis How does Juno, Iron Man, Batman, The Hulk, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Amy Winehouse, or Hancock register as Disaster films? Carmen Electra, Vanessa Minnillo, and Kim Kardashian who the hell is she, besides having a big fat ass and no talents, make up the cast of this movie.

    Honestly, what is wrong with  Hollywood? they keep funding these "cheesy writers of Scary Movie" to make fiasco spoofs and a major screw up with Meet the Spartans.

    Goodbye Suzan Tamim

    I have no clue who she is, apparantly she has been brutally murdered in her appartment in Dubai. Troubled marriages
    Suzan spent most of her short life between courts, police stations and hideouts. Her problems started with a long and unexplained absence period that she spent in France, even before her first short marriage to Ali Muzannar and their divorce in 2002.
    Shortly after her divorce, Suzan met the man who would become her second husband, Adel Matouk. She was introduced to Matouk by star maker Simone Asmar, director of Studio Al Fan, who asked Matouk to take care of her.
    Matouk took care of Suzan's 10-year contract with Asmar, and started an extensive campaign to re-launch her music career with his company, Arab-European Production. He also signed a 15-year exclusive contract with the singer.
    Less than eight months later, problems erupted between the couple. Matouk asked his wife to stop singing and become a housewife, which she refused. He obtained a court order banning Suzan from travelling outside Lebanon.

    Coke 007 Trailer


    What age is considered “OLD” these days?

    SPL48312_009 I remember when I was young, I thought anyone over say 50 was old. Not that I am 47 in 2009, makes me really think about it. True our bodies get older with time and we start facing health related issues, but this does not mean, that we are loosing it. Our aging process is slowing down, the 60's generation cant be compared to the 40's and 20's for the exception of Hugh Hefner in picture. My kids are 10 years old and they think that Dad and Mom are Kool, they know music, heavy in particular, they both drive bikes, they are adventurous and yet they are both nearing 50.
    So am I considered old? not in my book, as long as I can race and beat some young kid on a bike at over 260km, as long as I can hike, and take my kids camping I consider myself young. So to all of you youngster out there 50 is not old and I have not started preparing my bucket list.


    Bankrupt Alitalia cancels 40 flights

    art_alitalia Bankrupt Alitalia canceled 40 flights on Wednesday after a small union called a four-hour strike to protest layoffs and other tough measures in a rescue plan by potential investors. The Italian airline is fighting for its survival as unions balk at accepting terms including longer hours, layoffs and reductions in routes and in the number of aircraft. Air France-KLM has expressed interest, but Berlusconi on Monday night also pointed to Lufthansa as an "ideal partner." Does Berlusconi rhymes with Mussolini?

    Lindsay Lohan: Political Blogger

    SPL45044_037 If you are a fan of Lindsay Lohan here is your chance to comment on her Blog, Lindsay Lohan threw her hat into the political spectrum today by using her MySpace blog to tackle the pervasive topic of Bristol Palin's pregnancy.

    Rick Wright of Pink Floyd passes away at 65 (1943 - 2008)

    0915_rick_wright_rip_00 That's a blow, although Wright resigned from Pink Floyd under pressure from Waters, who had increasingly taken control of Pink Floyd, reportedly threatened not to release "The Wall" unless Wright resigned his full membership in the band. He does not appear on the band's 1983 album, "The Final Cut." Waters sucks and is full of it, Waters left Pink Floyd. Amid lawsuits,

    Gilmour and Mason regrouped under the Pink Floyd name; Wright rejoined them for the 1987 album "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" and "The Division Bell" in 1994.

    Richard Wright, the keyboardist whose somber, monumental sounds were at the core of the art rock by Pink Floyd that has sold millions and millions of albums, died Monday in London, where he had lived. He was 65. Wright was a founding member of Pink Floyd, and his spacious, enveloping keyboards, backing vocals and eerie effects were essential to its musical identity. He will be greatly missed.

    Madonna turns 50

    I always said back in the 80's, she is just another one hit wonder. Boy was I wrong, and nearly 25 years later Madonna innovation have captured a younger generation of fans including my daughters.


    Full name: Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

    Born: August 16, 1958, Bay City, Michigan, USA

    Also known as: The Queen of Pop, Material Girl, Madge, Esther, Mrs Ritchie.

    Biggest hits: Holiday, Into The Groove, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Ray of Light, Music.
    Albums Sold: 200 million in 25 year, net worth 400 million dollars.

    44736761 Most controversial album 1989 - LIKE A PRAYER which shows her kissing a black saint, causes storms of protest – but sends her straight to number one.

    ooo-4 Madonna has a daughter and son, Lourdes the daughter, is 12 years old and a spitting image of Madonna

    Paris Hilton ugly legs

    legs Let me rephrase damn ugly, and feet of a Zombie what's the fuss about!


    Male brain and Risk taking?

    SexDifferenceThere are probably few people who have not seen some version of this cartoon showing the differences between male and female brains. The funny part is that this might be true. Take the following report from the journal NeuroReport: Nucleus accumbens activation mediates the influence of reward cues on financial risk taking. NeuroReport March 26, 2008 19(5):509-513. 

    The money quote

    "...we predicted and found that anticipation of viewing rewarding stimuli (erotic pictures for 15 heterosexual men) increased financial risk taking..."
    In other words, erotic pictures caused these men to take bigger monetary gambles than pictures of neutral (household appliances) or scary objects (snakes and spiders). Interesting next time I am going to the stock market, I will make sure to have playboy with me.

    Woman brain found guilty!?

    bIn June a judge in India found a woman guilty of murdering her former fiancé and sentenced her to life in prison. The smoking gun? Test results obtained using the Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature test (BEOS) developed by Indian neuroscientist Champadi Raman Mukundan. The BEOS software uses an EEG to determine whether the subject is recalling specific details of a crime as they are being read aloud. BEOS "works" because as the crime's details are recited to a subject, their brain lights up in specific regions -- the areas that (in theory) show measurable changes when experiences are relived. According to Mukundan, the system can distinguish between peoples' memories of events they witnessed and deeds they committed. Gee, now that we have the technology to read criminal's minds and predict crimes we'll be expecting a crime-free society any minute now. I am not sure if this will work on all species, is this really admissible in a court of law? Link


    56033 This is an extract of the press release. Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen are proud to announce the new BeoSound DBS audio system designed specifically for Aston Martin. The result of a creative partnership between Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen. The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound DBS system has been developed exclusively for Aston Martin. Bang & Olufsen's experts worked in close collaboration with Aston Martin's product development team, ensuring optimum speaker placement to take account of the unique aluminium structure of the carALT (Acoustic Lens Technology) motorised tweeter units mounted either side of the dashboard enable 180° horizontal dispersion of high frequencies, giving listeners an improved sense of space, staging and realism, regardless of their location in the car. In addition to the two tweeters incorporated into the ALT, the system comprises five mid-range speakers, three further tweeters and three woofers, including a powerful 200mm subwoofer mounted beneath the rear bench. In all, thirteen speakers are positioned in ten locations around the car.

    Flower Fatwa

    I think the Arab world should start really looking into something that can benefit humanity as we did several centuries ago, it seems the more the western world progress the more we regress. It is Ramadan and I will not unleash my comments on this Fatwa or anyone that supports it. I will only say, thank god that I can think for myself.


    Riccardo Patrese drives wife crazy in Civic Type-R

    This video is hilarious, F1 ace Riccardo Patrese take his wife for a Sunday spin in a Honda Civic Type-R, complete with plenty of Italian expicitives and one positively hilarious "Stronzo . . . Va' fan' culo fack u and vamito No no no no NO NO NO NO!" Notice how Ricardo is Ice Cold and Focused With a grin on his face.

    "Come on, you're doing this on purpose! This isn't built like a Formula One car! This isn't funny! I have a baby girl at home waiting for her mother and father... Brake, dammit! Are you crazy? I told you I didn't want to come out here!"Patrese's grin, at the end he mentions that he wants a copy of the video.


    Ducati 1098 Senna

    senna_1 Limited series in honor of the campionissimo of four wheels, a great lover of beautiful motion to which Claudio Castiglioni and Massimo Tamburini decided to devote two versions of the most successful models of the then-MV production Ducati. In the case of this Ducati 1098, designed with the same colors and graphic patterns marked "Senna". The result is a gorgeous & fascinating, a one of production bike that found consensus by many Ducatisti.

    Fiat 500 Diabolika

    This Blog might be a late as Fiat 500 Nuova was launched in 2007.  First the Beetle then the Mini now the Fiat 500 Diabolika, a remake of the 1957 through 1975 venerable 500. I like the tire thread quite unique. Overall it seems that all car manufacturer are going through a period of revival of bygone era. Are customers getting Nostalgic or manufacturer are less creative.  
    fiat fiat-500
    fiat-500-diabolik-03 fiat-500-diabolik-05
    fiat-500-diabolik-08 fiat-500-diabolik-13

    Vin Diesel bikes from Lazareth in Babylon A.D.

    lazareth_babylon_450 French maker of high performance custom bikes. Lazareth was a good choice, as the motorcycles coming out of that shop already have a bit of a future post-apocalyptic look to them. Among the cool features are supercharged V-Twin engines, single-sided forks and swingarms, and on-board computers. Customs based on streetfighters are inherently cool in the sea of look-alike choppers and bobbers, so it's a refreshing change of pace to see these bikes featured on film. See video

    Prohibition Ad

    If you were around in 1919 (just before prohibition started) and came upon the following poster


    Seriously would you quit drinking?

    Grindhouse Planet Terror

    grindhouse At last I got around to watch the much talked about Grindhouse Planet Terror, I downloaded the double bill Death Proof and Planet Terror. This movie is not for the faint hearted and will not please all viewers. However if you liked watching Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk to Dawn and Kill Bill this movie is a must see. Planet Terror is a hugely entertaining zombie exploitation thriller that delivers laughs, gore, terrific characters and more zombie ass-kicking than you could possibly hope for. As such, it's one of the best films I have seen. A masterpiece of the genre. Robert Rodrigez best know for El-Mariachi has excelled in directing this movie to take it one step further he will be releasing Machete an expansion of a fake trailer Rodriguez directed for the 2007 film Grindhouse. It will star Danny Trejo as the title character. Has anyone seen this one?


    Zack and Miri Make a Porno

    This looks absolutely hillarious, the Cast: Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Robinson, Traci Lords, Katie Morgan, Ricky Mabe, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes.

    Quantum of Solace

    The trailer for the latest Bond film is out, however, I never classified Casino Royale as James Bond Movie. Once 007 is protrayed as a tough agent, lacking the humor of both Sean and Roger, I might as well see Shoot Them Up, truth is Shoot Them Up was better.

    This 1000cc Golfcart will it give you a Birdie?

    Chinese Horrorscope


    rabbit_big For the record, I am not a weird Horoscope Buff,  I don't read it and I don't believe much in superstitions, so no black cats, ladders, Friday the 13th and 3ains are considered bad luck in my book.

    The last time I checked my Chinese horoscope was like 8 years ago, so for the fun of it and given this year miserable track record of challenges I am facing, I have decided to have a look at my signs. 

    So being born under the Rabbit sign this is my forecast for 2008. 43% (3 favorable, 3 neutral and 6 unfavorable months) So, this year is likely to be a lot more challenging than last year. OK enough this is very much true for this year, things have not been going my way professionally.

    Conventional Zodiac Sign

    ages You will spend most of this year exercising your creativity and helping others, which will bring you great financial rewards and success.Well its looking much better here, what a load of Bull, true I am helping others, however I am not getting any recognition in return, which is impacting my productivity and motivation.

    So bottom line my Chinese Horoscope is more accurate than my Zodiac Sign. So am I to believe in them, not really, life is what you make of it, and no matter how many gurus and weirdos try to persuade you otherwise, you are in control of your destiny, except in the case of Force Majeur :)

    Hellraiser under the weather, Blitz under the cover

    Weekend-RedSkull This has not been the best week in my calendar year. I have been pretty much in bad shape over the past couple of days. The weather has been fluctuating with a lot of humidity carrying loads of viruses in the air. To worsen matters, most of my stuff from the US is on back order and now I have to deal with a new employee at my supplier side making thing slower then ever. I am hoping to put the final touches on Blitzy soon, although to tell you the truth, I am not keen on driving these days.


    2009 Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V

     Stelvio In designing its new adventurer tourer, Italian manufacturer Moto Guzzi took inspiration from the Stelvio Pass, a winding road featuring 60 hairpin bends snaking its way through the Eastern Alps at an altitude of 9,000 feet. Often used to test the bikes produced from the company’s nearby Mandello del Lario facilities, the legendary road can push the limits of engine response and suspension capacity. It’s significant then that Moto Guzzi decided to name its latest creation after the Passo dello Stelvio. As a tourer, the Stelvio is designed to provide comfort for long rides. The saddle, footrests and handlebar form an ergonomically-friendly triangle to fit most users. The Quattrovalvole also gets an original exhaust sytem with an aluminum silencer. The Stelvio can generate a maximum power of 105 horses at 7500 rpm and 108 Nm torque at 6400 rpm.

    MotoThe Stelvio 1200 4V is fitted with Moto Guzzi’s 1,151cc, 8-valve, fuel-injected v-twin that has been tweaked and fettled with new internal parts, and now makes 105 horsepower at 7,500rpm. Six-speed transmission, single-sided CARC shaft-drive system, and fully adjustable suspension – 50mm Marzocchi forks and Boge monoshock – complete the package. The Stelvio is priced at $14,900

    Briton held driving drunk

    Here we go there are at it again total disrespect of the country laws, first Dubai now Kuwait and in Ramadan, next I am near Downing Street maybe I should swing by and take a wizz on number 10.

    Kuwait : The Mubarak Al-Kabeer police have arrested a British national for driving under the influence of alcohol, reports Al-Anba daily.
    The man has been referred to the concerned authorities.

    Metallica Death Magnetic 10 Song Preview

    Yes!!!This truly Rocks, they are back to their awesome best. Earsing that awful St. Anger from our memory. This is Metallica pre-90 raw and agressive.

    Former Intel engineer busted

    How stupid can a person be, well I guess not as stupid as Biswamohan Pani, I mean this guy seems to have thought out a quick rich scheme and to impress his future AMD bosses. Pani nabbed 13 files containing over 100 pages of internal Intel design documents drawings on his way to a new gig at AMD. The FBI got involved when another Intel employee noticed some funny business on system access logs.

    The affidavit noted that during an interview with the FBI, Pani admitted to downloading the files but said he wanted the information to help his wife, who an Intel employee being transferred from California to the Hudson, Mass. facility. Russell said in the affidavit that Pani's wife was assigned to a project at Intel that had no connection with the files. Go Figure!!

    Crime don't pay, kids. Link


    Bomb scare was ‘joke’ Briton tells Dubai court

    SLOVAKIA-CZECH-BRITAIN-TOURISM A Briton who sparked a bomb alert on an Emirates flight from Manchester to Dubai in July while he was drunk told a court in the Gulf emirate that he was joking, newspapers reported on Thursday.
    "It was a joke," Mark Winter, 37, told the court on Wednesday, as he pleaded not guilty to attacking a civilian airliner, the papers said.

    "I was drunk. I was unaware of what I was doing ... I did not assault the flight attendant. I did not assault the passengers but I was trying to defend myself," the English-language daily Khaleej Times quoted Winter as telling the court.

    This is real funny!, who gives a f**k if you were drunk or not Mr.Britman, or is it because you are Brit you still think you rule the waves, well I got news for you boy, you aint't worth s**t, your kind of uptight assholes is not really needed in this part of the world. Maybe you should have made your prank on United Airline and got your ass in the slammer for a decade in Guantanamo, you inconsiderate prick! That goes for you too Ms. Bitch Michelle Palmer, what the world need is more ass holes and whores of your kind. That would be luvely!


    Terminator Salvation

    term Following the great success in the Batman series, Christian Bale has joined James Cameron in the making of the fourth installment in the Terminator series as John Connors. Schwarzi is is still not confirmed. Bale has a great track record in futuristic movies my favorite is Equilibrium.

    Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor is the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright, a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet’s operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind

    The Fonz

    fonzy1 Today I was reminiscing on which TV series, I grew fond off in my yesteryears, and it sorts like of hit me. Happy days!! Yes absolutely, I never missed an episode. OK I did like Manix, Hawai Five 0, Land of the Giants, Genie, Kojak, Rin Tin Tin and Mission Impossible. But Happy days that's it. No one in my age group identified with Ritchie Cunnigham, nooo it was always the master of cool himself . The Fonz. High School Drop out, black leather, motorcycles, chicks and tough. Everybody wanted to be the Fonz. Even Henry Winkler himself sates the following:

    "The Fonz was everybody I wasn't. He was everybody I wanted to be." He commands tremendous respect throughout much of Milwaukee for his well-deserved reputation for fighting (in one episode, he out-duelled an expert fencer; in another, he literally mangled a gangster's prosthetic iron hand with one fist), his skills as a ladies' man and mechanic, his history of romantic involvement with virtually every attractive woman in Milwaukee, and his imperturbable "cool." Opponents far larger and more dangerous-seeming than himself back down from confrontations with him. Those who do confront him never come out on top, leaving "The Fonz" without a scrape.

    Makes me think of my daughters raw model today "Hannah Montana", unfortunately I don't think she is that hip as the Fonz, on the other hands my kids think I am old, but still cool a bit like the Fonz :)

    Sony Ericsson G705

    sony-ericsson-g705It's a legitimate iPhone alternative!. Packed with features, the new Sony Ericsson G705 It sports a 2.4-inch screen with accelerometer for automatic switching between portrait and landscape modes, a full HTML browser, a Google shortcut key for quick searching, aGPS with Google Maps and Wayfinder, Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSUPA connectivity, Bluetooth A2DP, a 3.2 megapixel camera with video mode and YouTube uploading, and an included 1GB Memory Stick Micro for media storage.


    The purpose of Ramadan

    triangles-of-ramadan Contrary to popular beliefs, Ramadan, is not about eating, sleeping, Ghabkas and Sohoor. Its about patience, self control to help oppress passions and temper, helping the less fortunate and Taqwa by reading the Quraan and to strengthen one's faith.


    Unfortunately we see people around us, discussing food, outings, loosing tempers, pigging out and sleeping. The Holly month of Ramadan is getting westernized, you might agree and disagree on this point, but like it or not, our culture is changing and with it some of the key aspects of our beliefs are getting diluted.

    Did you stop for a second and ask yourself why are prices hiked in the month of Ramadan in restaurants and Jam3ias and no one is doing anything about it. Why are people less tolerant in this month then any others, with fights breaking up in shopping malls and on the streets, are we supposed to send our neighbors plates of food or should we be helping the needy instead, and Girgi3an is turning into some kind of competition, where people are spending upwards of 200KD to package differently, I can't help but wonder  how does this benefit the needy?

    I do not want to generalize here, however how many of us out in the Muslim world understand the real value of this month? Do we fast just because we are told to, cause its Haram and the laws of the country supports it, or do we believe in doing so for our own good, the good of others and Allah.

    Fasting is a means to becoming Muttaqi.  No doubt, fasting has health and spiritual benefits, but we must never lose sight of the main goal of fasting.  Ramadan provides an environment for our collective training and development of character. Since character building is a hard, long, continuous process, Ramadan is repeated every year as a reminder and re-enforcer.  We must judge our accomplishments by the standards laid down by the Quran.

    2009 Yamaha R1

    I will not dwelve too deep in Yamaha’s new crossplane crank engine, I just hope the Kuwait dealer knows how to fix it. With 182bhp at 12,500rpm and 115Nm of torque at 10,000rpm, how hard can it be? And then, there are all those electronics – Yamaha Chip Control Intake (YCC-I) and Yamaha Chip Control Throttle (YCC-T) – FBY - which are still there, while D-Mode has now been added to the 2009 R1. I would not want to have one.


    Poll: Is Microsoft's new ad working? - Engadget

    by Joshua Topolsky, posted Sep 5th 2008 at 9:21AM

    By now you've probably watched the
    Bill Gates / Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft ad a dozen or so times (if not, get to it). If you're like us, you've got a healthy conversation happening about what the new campaign means, and whether or not you actually like the thing. According to a leaked internal email from Redmond's senior vice president Bill Veghte, this first installment in what will be a series of commercials is meant to function as an "Icebreaker to reintroduce Microsoft to viewers in a consumer context." It seems that the company is following the path they've stamped out with their previous media burst, the Mojave Experiment, which appears to be less concerned with changing the product (Windows), and more concerned with changing consumers' perception of the product. In Veghte's words, "Telling our story means making significant investments to improve the way consumers experience Windows." So here's our question to you: is Microsoft on the right track here? Let us know in the poll below! (You can also read the full text of the email after the break)
    From: Bill Veghte
    Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 5:37 PM
    To: Microsoft - All Employees (QBDG)
    Subject: Telling the story of Windows

    Since it first launched nearly 25 years ago, Windows has been one of the most successful products in the history of the high tech industry. As we set our sights on the next 25 years, it is essential that we deliver incredible offerings on a great platform. We must also tell the story of how Windows enables a billion people around the globe to do more with their lives today. We must inspire consumers with the promise of what Windows uniquely makes possible across the PC, phone and web.

    Telling our story means making significant investments to improve the way consumers experience Windows. To that end, we are focused on making improvements at practically every consumer touch point, from the moment they hear about the Windows brand in our advertising to how they learn more about Windows products online; from how they view Windows and try it at retail to how they use the entire range of Windows offerings – Windows Vista, Windows Mobile and Windows Live – across their whole life.

    Today, we are kicking off a highly visible advertising campaign. The first phase of this campaign is designed to engage consumers and spark a new conversation about Windows – a conversation that will evolve as the campaign progresses, but will always be marked by humor and humanity. The first in this series of television ads airs initially in the U.S., and it aims to re-ignite consumer excitement about the broader value of Windows. The first television spot aired on NBC during the opening game of the NFL season and will be seen throughout the evening on various primetime programs. Worldwide, you can view this first TV spot at http://msw.

    This first set of ads features Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Think of these ads as an icebreaker to reintroduce Microsoft to viewers in a consumer context. Later this month, as the campaign moves into its next phase, we'll go much deeper in telling the Windows story and celebrating what it can do for consumers at work, at play and on-the-go. At that time, I'll be back to share more information about our plans to further strengthen the bond between consumers and Windows – one of the most amazing products, businesses and brands of all time, and, with the right tenacity, passion and agility from all of us, a story that has many great chapters to come.


    Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing

    Not to be missed, the best unboxing sequence I have seen.


    Naked Aggression

    MAXvsSuz So called naked bikes such as the B-Max and V-King, or was it the other way around? Have reinstated the concept of less clutter more power to the motorcycling world. OK the Monstro still holds a soft spot in my heart, but pales in comparison to the new Daemons on the Block. I would love to have the chance to test ride both bikes, however until that time. I though I would give you my own bike of choice.

    Both bikes have been introduced as concept bikes, the B-King 6 years ago and the V-Max about the same. the V-Max is an evolution of the existing 25 years old V-Max. The B-King is a naked redesigned version of the Busa. From an engine stand point both have an excellent pedigree.

    The V-Max 1985, was a breakthrough in motorcycling, yes that long back!

    4-stroke, liquid cooled DOHC, 4-valve, V-four cylinder - 130 HP  - Weight 262kg. MSRP $6099. Price per HP= 46.9$ / weight to hp ratio 2.0

    4 Stroke, 1679cc liquid-cooled 65° V-4, DOHC, 4 valves/cylinder - 190 HP - Weight 310kg. MSRP 16,900. Price per HP= 88.9$ / weight to hp ratio 1.6

    V-Max, if  produced with 190 HP back in 1985 the cost would have been $8911, truth of the matter is, I expected the V-MAX 2009 to retail for $12,000. With a hefty price tag of $17,000, its entering the BMW - Harley - Ducati and other so called exotic bike league, putting it out of contention for the mass market. The V-MAX has not been announced in Kuwait yet and even if it does, the local dealer service record is not what will make people flock to buy the V-MAX, if lucky we will see a handful on the streets of Kuwait.

    Enter the B-King much heralded in 2001 saw the light of day in 2008, the B-King is powered by the Hayabusa engine with 185HP with a dry weight of 235 KG not a light weight in comparison to others spots bike in its category.

    The B-king is priced at 3200KD ($13,000)and if we apply the same calculation ratio as on the VMAX the number will read as follow

    Price per HP= $70 /weight to hp ratio 1.2

    Although on paper the B-King looks faster the V-MAX delivers 400cc more giving it that extra humph in torque to propel its deficit of 0.4 kg faster through the straight line.

    The Suzuki dealer in Kuwait does not offer any warrantee on the bike, this is quite a disaster given you are paying 3200KD for a bike.

    Conclusion I would buy neither bikes in Kuwait, the Suzuki for no warrantee and the Yamaha for its rapid depreciating value. Bottom line your money would be better spend on a V-ROD, BMW or Ducati. At least you will get your money worth in terms of warrantee, service and resale value.

    Second verdict, if I am residing State side or Europe, I would definitely vote for the V-MAX, given its pedigree and followers there will be enough custom parts to keep you happy.

    2009 Honda Fireblade CBR1000RR

    nh_2 I am sure most of you have already heard about the latest Fireblade motorcycle from Honda, the one with ABS.All else in the 2009 version are the same as the 2008 model. Honda’s principles of minimalization continues with the Fireblade CBR1000RR new motorcycle. 2008’s new light weight 4 clyinder 16 valve engine, 175 bhp power at 12000 rpm, 84 lb ft torque and six speed are all there