El Superbeasto Fat-Train Episode II

As you well know I have started the transformation project on my wife's nightrain, what happened since then was a waiting exercise to recieve the part via Aramex - APO etc. I got the 17X6" rim together with a mean 200mm low profile tire, also recieved the struts Mashetti Style and a 9 inch fender. Since the transformation on a 17" was never attempted todate, I knew we would have some challenges in fitting the doughnut in the stock swing arm. We started at 8:30 and were done fitting the wheel at 18:00, including taking off the primary to change the original belt drive, a trip to the machine shop, extensive grinding and cutting in the frame. Next job in 10 days, installing the new exhaust and ordering more parts.


Not so glamorous!

Chances are you have seen these hot stars strutting their stuff on and off camera, raw models and fashion icons. The truth of the matter is, they ain't so hot after all, you be the judge.


Harleyrious Clip!!

Can't,remember the movie, very funny clip!!


Sun shows iPhone-like Java Mobile FX platform

Sun is again trumpeting Java from the top of its lungs -- and we're not talking about speweing coffee here here -- showing off what appeared to be flashy new cellphone software at the JavaOne conference this week. Not big news there, except that the Sun software apparently looked eerily like the Apple iPhone's software; in fact, the platform Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz showed off is already being dubbed "jPhone" based on the striking resemblance to Apple's goods. The actual product name is Java Mobile FX and it's based on code from SavaJe, a Java-centric mobile OS company Sun just completed acquiring last week. The OS platform war has started, Symbian and MS are leading the pack, will Apple take first spot or will Sun manage to turn things to their advantage, one thing for sure I sure do hope that they have useful functionalities.


El Superbeasto Exhaust

Since my wife's Nightrain is getting a make over, I have decided to mount the meanest exhausts in the market the gatlin style Tailgunner exhaust will be black however it needs custom modifications to fit on my wife's HD.

Great Motorbikes Stunts.

Ghost Rider (TF1)

Will the real Ghost Rider please stand up!

It seems there are many riders dubbed as the Ghost Rider, Japan, Germany got one, however it seems the real Mc Coy is from sweden riding a Hayabusa, I will be posting some videos about Ghost Rider over the coming days. Please dont try this on the street.

Microsoft oPhone

Seeing as the Zune was such a hit, Microsoft decided to repeat the success and tackle the iPhone before it even gets out the gate; friends, we give you the Microsoft oFone.


Kuwait takes 3rd place in car death accident.

Based on Al-Watan Daily"Kuwait ranks third in the number of deaths caused due to road accidents and statistics show that an average of 124 accidents take place every day in the country," Chairman of Traffic Safety Society and Member of High Council for Traffic Bader Al-Matar as saying. Speaking at a press conference held at the Council Center in Al-Shuwaikh Tuesday, Al-Matar said a total of 45,376 accidents took place in 2003, averaging 124 accidents per day and killing 372 people. "In 2004, 55,000 traffic accidents took place and caused death of 400 people," he said, adding 32.5 percent cases were reported in Capital Governorate, followed by Hawalli with 27 percent accidents. In 2005, 57,000 traffic accidents were reported, out of which 30 percent were reported in Capital Governorate, followed by Hawalli with 25 percent. As many as 455 people died in road accidents in 2005.

We should really be proud of this achievement and really should strive to take first spot next year! Kidding aside. What the hell is beeing done to bring people awareness to a level of responsability, to understand that cars are not missiles to be given to teenagers to show their driving capabilities on the Gulf Road. When will the government establish a race course allowing speed hungry youth to unfold their talents. When will they spend money on a shock and awe campaign in the media uncovering the dangers of speeding, I guess the answer is never, life is cheap and wasta is cheaper.

Meanwhile drive safe, wear a helmet and always look in your mirrors you never know you might be the next victim.

Schumi's New Ride.

Finali Mondial Ferrari, an annual gathering featuring previously purchased ex-Ferrari team machinery held at the famed Monza racecourse near Milan. Additionally, this year Schumacher was going to be honored. They wanted to present Schumacher with a special gift of a Harley-Davidson. But not a stocker, they wanted something special.

The only hitch was the bike had to be transformed into a gift fitting for Michael…in Ferrari Red, of course, and they had just three weeks to complete it.

The timetable was tight, but the bike was completed in 20 days and shipped to Italy via Federal Express in time for the event.

The bike is a 1981 (crappy engine) FLH was transformed into the cool looking Ferrari Red “Bobber” seen here. The engine, frame, wheels and forks remained Harley-Davidson original, all I got to say, its a nice retirement gift from 500HP to 60HP :)


Sold for $9,900,500.00

If you have seen my previous post on General Lee Auction over the past 2 days, I was following the hectic ongoing bidding on the 1969 Dodge Charger. About General Lee The General Lee is the automobile driven by the Duke cousins Bo and Luke in the television series The Dukes of Hazzard. It is known for the chases and stunts, especially high jumps, in almost every episode. The car's name is a reference to the Confederate General Robert E. Lee. The idea for the General Lee was developed from Jerry Rushing's car, which was named for General Lee's favorite horse, Traveller. This was also the name of the car in Moonrunners, the 1975 movie precursor to The Dukes of Hazzard.

I guess Bo Duke had made a good decision to hold to 4 of these Charger the last one was sold on eBay today for $9,900,500.00, happy spending Bo.

Sarouna El-Muzainy

I recieved this email this morning, actually Saroona is a boy that has undergone a sex change. Or that could be prank, you be the judge.

General Lee latest updates..

Before I hit the sack yesterday around midnight, I checked on the status of the auction taking place on eBAY for a certain Dodge Charger (Duke of Hazards), the price was still hovering around $2.300,800. As I checked it this morning the car hit a staggering $9,900,100. Yeap folks for a 69 charger.


Drama Mamas

T's attending drama classes and she is developping a nag for it. Today she was aspired by the role of a teatcher. She acts it well and her potential of pestering future generations of unfortunate kids looks well planned out.

R's on the other hand has taken her inspiration from the new Bratz movie, the girl from the cornfields, she might take up farming in the future as she is good at growing flowers.

Fogarty back in business with MV Agusta

Two iconic names in motorcycle racing, MV Agusta and Carl Fogarty, are to join forces for an assault on the Superbike World Championship. The Italian manufacturer is set to enter the championship in the 2008 season with Fogarty’s British-based team as their factory-supported outfit. Watch out for some serious fireworks if this package come through.

About Foggy

Carl Fogarty (born 1 July 1965, Blackburn, Lancashire) is the most successful Superbike racer in terms of the number of championships and number of race wins. Fogarty, known to his fans as 'Foggy' has now retired. He is renowned for his high corner speed riding style, combined with an aggressive competitiveness, which netted him 59 victories and four World Superbike Championships (1994, 1995, 1998 and 1999) while riding for the Ducati factory team.
Winning 6 of the first 8 races in 1995 helped him seal that title with 5 of the 24 races to spare, and he clinched it with 3 races to spare in 1999. 1998 was his closest title - after a disastrous weekend at the N├╝rburgring he lay just 6th in the standings, but fought back to overhaul Troy Corser and Aaron Slight in the final round. This was especially notable as his team was in its first year of WSBK competition.
Surprisingly, his first victory in any form of racing at Brands Hatch did not come until 1995. He had much greater success at Assen, winning all but 1 race there between 1995 and 1999. Large numbers of British fans would travel to the race on the ferries at this time.

Update on General Lee auction.

So why 2 million $$$$ you are asking well this car was washed by none other than Jessica Simpson.

Going Going........

The most famous model of the most famous car in the world! Yeap General Lee, Although the plate says a 426 Hemi, the car actually has a 511 crate motor from 1998 that produces approx 725hp. It has suspension by Hotchkis, auxiliary transmission by Gear Vendor, Viper brakes, and a racing steering box. Although I hate to part with this car, I am really looking forward to building a new one, something I haven't done since I built this one. One more detail, there is an article coming out in a major car magazine where this car is compared and raced against the Starsky and Hutch car, and the Batmobile. Guess who won? This car is auctioned on eBay, hurry up if you cough 2 million geez you might be able to pick up Jessica Simpson!!!

Terra Mostro or Monstro?

No, these are not photoshopped photos. This is the real deal. And no, this is not a new model from Ducati.

This is the work of some guys from Overland Motorcycles, a Ducati based dual sport adventure bike.

Unfortunately, they don’t give out a lot of details but from what I can see, this is one seriously sweet bike. And that headlight is pretty slick.

Nasty Grannies

Everytime someone gets on a Harley they wanna assume the bad boy image. Del Fuego beware there is a new gang in town.