Time to Move on?

job So how do you assess your professional situation? Well for starter you need to look at your role, is it fulfilling is it adding value to you and your organization, do you see the growth potential of the organization, where is it heading in the coming 5 years and where do you see yourself. I have weighed all my options and the next step for me is to move my cheese. Chances are we will relocate outside Kuwait, which poses some tough challenges for the whole family. I am still in discussions with several companies and I am hoping to choose Dubai, although we will be leaving lots of good friendships behind that we have built over the course of 10 years. I am looking forward for the change, for starter we can own our house. Driving on weekends will not be limited to 100km to cafe 26, as Oman offers excellent vistas. Kids activities will be abundant and professional career advancement is widely available. Will keep you posted on the outcome.

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Anonymous said...

All I would say is Good Luck with all you do. I hope your decisions lead you to a successful future inshallah.