Honda 2025 racer concept sketches...

Honda_01_L Honda 2025 racer concept that takes things to a whole new level. Designed to participate in the (imaginary) Great Race of 2025, which will entail going around the world in all of 24 hours, the concept uses Honda’s expertise in automotive, marine, robotics, and jet technologies. Well, whatever… I would rather have the much-anticipated VFR1000.

GNR Chinese Democracy

160x600_gnr3 Where the hell have I been? Guns N' Roses released their much anticipated album Chinese democracy after 17 years in the making. The album has already sparked and controversy and  has been slammed by a Chinese state newspaper for "venomously attacking China".

 Axl Rose, 46, is the only member of the band's original line-up to feature on the new album, he comes across with a deeper note, I am still downloading the album so no rating yet as of now, however the absence of Slash’s riffs is obvious, one of the major trademarks of GNR, some of the tracks are bit funky and not to my liking.


Block Youtube again?

youtube Kuwait : Attorney Mubarak Al-Tasha says he is surprised the Ministry of Communications has failed to block the Internet website the ‘YouTube’ because some videos posted on this site demean Islam, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
Al-Tasha added in the event of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) failing to take necessary action there was no other way but to file a lawsuit against the ministry. I am amazed that people wants to block this site for a couple of videos and never mention the positive side of things. wake up people.

Dubai a personal view

Business_Bay_&_Burj_Dubai Its been 10 years I have been travelling back and the forth to Dubai. It seems that the country has managed to over engineer itself to the point its gotten plain ugly and lost its identity in the process. I have nothing against progress and technology, however not to the extent that the city looks like Gotham City. A concrete jungle, with toll points and laser cameras with infrared community, I has an eerie feeling of Big Brother watching you or worse yet  in Guantanamo Bay as CCD cameras are all over the place. In the past 3 days during my stay I enjoyed Dibba, but the day and a half in Dubai was a nightmare which made me think of Beirut traffic as paradise in comparison. Real Estate prices are beyond ridiculous and are already taking a tumble, talks of government budget deficits and a bid from Abu Dhabi to buy Dubai is on the table. Lots of companies are shutting down and moving to neighboring Bahrain and Egypt. The economical crunch is beginning to be felt as realtors are dropping prices, landlords are dropping rents, but no customers in sight.

Will this mean the end of construction and beginning of the financial destruction? Will Dubai end up a ghost town?

My Diet Week II

alads Upon my return from Dubai, I went to the nutritionist to check on my progress. OK I have to say, I had a couple of slips in my eating habits in Dubai, nothing major, more of a starvation issue as I had to drive over 740KM in 2 days. I have managed to drop 4kg in my first week, which I am extremely happy for. However you need to understand that this drop is attributed to the cleansing of the colon, which make up 50% of the lost weight, along side water waste from the outer cell. So effectively its 2 KG of FAT which doe not show. The next 3 weeks, I will be following 3 different diet plan, the last one is a detoxification program. Expected weight to be shed is about 7-10KG.

HOG Rally Fujeirah

This a clip of the stunt show in Fujeirah,Greig Davis performing on his Buell, I have loads more coming.


Review: The Strangers

Strangersposter I am getting bored watching movies, with weak plots that does not capture the imagination.

The film opens with the following narration: What you are about to see is inspired by true events. According to the F.B.I. there are an estimated 1.4 million violent crimes in America each year.  After extensive research I discovered there was nothing related to any true events. The closest I could get to match the plot is the true crime committed in 1969 by none other then Charles Manson. After reading about Helter Skelter and saw the gruesome murder of Sharon Tate its obvious that the director was inspired by these events.

"The Strangers" is thoroughly unoriginal and predictable from start to finish, with some extended moments of genuine tension. The trailer was much better than the movie.

Verdict 2.5/5.

Destination Fujairah

banner Telephone rings, wass up? Not much, feeling better? I guess! Well get on a plane and come to Fujairah for the HOG Rally tomorrow, we are a having tons of fun. Let me think it over. 3 Minutes later what the heck, booked the tickets, rented a car and I am on my way to the HOG Rally in Emirates. Accommodation is at the JAL Hotel, distance is 160km from Dubai, I will stay there till Sunday. Shame I don't have my Blitzy with me.

My Dieting Progress

animal-scale Day 4 progress report, I can’t believe my eyes when I stepped onto the scale today. Quick recap went to see the dietitian on Friday, started my diet on Saturday. Starting weight was 112kg, I followed the diet to the letter and 4 days later I dropped to 108kg. that's 4kg in 4 days at a rate of 1 kg a day. 4 more days to go, at this rate i will see myself done to 104kg by the end of the week. This progress will put me 9 kg away from my ideal wait. I am really impressed.


Review: Saw V

Saw5 Laying sick on my sofa with fever, I called upon my DVD provider to deliver a batch of new movies I was anticipating to watch. I have already reviewed: Swing Vote, Burn after Reading, Bangkok Dangerous, Traitor, still to go are Max Payne, Righteous Kill, Beverly Hill Chihuahua, The life before her eyes, Lake Terrace View and the Strangers. Enough about what am I going to watch this review is about Saw V.

In a nutshell Saw 5' is one of those films, that after watching it, you ask yourself ; "why did we  see that?" What once was a an intriguing pleasure for me, has quickly turned into a tedious and quite boring and predictable series. The story yet again picks up  from the fourth installment. Sure the traps are there so is the blood and the gore, but then again it is getting to be too cliché for my liking as yet again, Saw V paves the way to Saw VI is this a Freddy Crougar déjà vu? I guess Hollywood will keep tapping into Gigsaw till the fan interest is gone, which brings us to where I am at this moment. Saw V will live up to the fans expectation however if you did not see the fourth installment, you will not get much of the movie.

Verdict 3/5

1 Million Dollar Cherry

Natalie Dylan is selling her virginity online. Intriguingly, the 22-year-old San Diego woman, who already holds a B.S. in women's studies,natalie-dylan Ms. Dylan got her undergraduate degree in “women’s studies” at Sacramento State University and plans to use the proceeds of her Bunny Ranch virginity sale to get a master’s degree.

“I understand some people will condemn me … but I think this is empowering. I’m using what I have to better myself. ”

Natalie says she’s already taken a polygraph test to prove her virginal status and is also willing to undergo a medical exam, although hymens can be surgically reconstructed.

“I don’t think auctioning my virginity will solve all my problems, but it will create some financial stability,” the 22-year-old brunette told reporters. “I’m ready for the controversy … I’m ready to do this.”

“Through this process I’m not just looking for the highest bidder,” Dylan says about her Bunny Ranch virginity auction, adding, “I’m looking for someone who is a genuine, overall nice person.”

Preferably one with a lot of chump change handy…

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch is a massive brothel, staffed by as many as 500 prostitutes, that calls itself “the de-virginising capital of America”.

So Boys if you have a million to spare Natalie’s Cherry is your for the popping. Link

Review: Bangkok Dangerous

OneSheet (Page 1) Nicholas Cage is my all time favorite actors.  The movie is  action-packed. I would not call it an action movie but rather l a thriller.  Nicolas Cage is solid in this movie. There are mixed review of the movie, mainly negative compared to the original. I enjoyed the movie although not fast paced and somehow predictable, it still delivers an entertaining 90 minutes.

Rating 3.5/5

Review: Burn After Reading

burn_after_reading_poster Hilarious black comedy, I loved Brad Pit dumb role, Frances McDormand, George Clooney and John Malkovich all deliver fantastically colourful, over-the-top performances.

CIA operative Osborne Cox refuses a demotion and quits his post much to the chagrin of his ice cold wife whose having an affair with Harry Pffarer a US Marshall and a sex addict. Cox decides to write his memoirs but has a disk of material lifted by his wife whose about to begin divorce proceedings against him. The disk is then lost at a gym where two brainless, body conscious employees hatch a bribery scheme against Cox. Matters are further complicated when Harry begins an affair with Linda Litsky, one of the extortionists. Before you know it the CIA and the Russians are involved.

A Highly recommended movie 4/5.


Does dieting work?

Overweight After speaking to Marzook and getting the details on the dietitian. I went for my first visit yesterday. After some casual conversation, we got to the weigh in, at 182cm and 112 KG my BMI was 34 which makes me Obese. Although in real life I am not that obese, I went along and got my program for the first week. Optimal weight, given my skeletal structure is 95kg, I know I was 90KG when I first came to Kuwait in 1999. That 22kg of Fat I need to shed.

Week One is cleansing week.

Lots of H2O about 2 liters a day and small meals target weight loss by the end of the first 7 days is 4-5kg. No exercise is allowed for this week. I doubt I will see a 5 kg drop more likely in the vicinity of 2-3kg.

Review Traitor

traitor Traitor is a movie that deals with the multifaceted aspects of terrorism and Islam. it focuses more on the personal relationships between the characters and deliver a deeper perspective about faith and how to embrace it to lead a better life. Overall, a great spy thriller. There's action but not too much that detracts from the focus of the story.  Don Cheadle's performance was a cut above.

A solid 4/5 rating.


HD V rod-Muscle!

Marisa Miller show cases the new harley V-Rod Muscle.

2009 Abu Dhabi F1 Track


With Montreal dropped From F1 2009 Calendar, for next year’s 2009 Formula 1 Race Schedule the FIA will introduce Abu Dhabi as the the season’s final race!

This new state of the art Formula 1 track will be designed by Hermann Tilke and will be located on YAS ISLAND and will be called “YAS MARINA CIRCUIT”.

Some of the highlights will be a pit lane that runs below ground as well as a piece of track that runs below a hotel.

The current plans have been criticized by commentators for lacking any elevation changes and failing to create ample opportunity for overtaking, although the impressively long back straight may be the location for some interesting skirmishes.


2009 Star VMax Review/Test

Ducati Streetfighter

BMW Bobber concept unveiled in Milan


With its flat-twin engine, 17-inch wheels, twin petal-type brake discs at front (with six-piston calipers), USD fork, Paralever single-sided swingarm, Ohlins rear suspension and gnarly styling that’s reminiscent of some 1960s scramblers, the Lo Rider is an engaging mix of old-world simplicity and new-age high-tech.


Super Beasto Accident

Now this is what I called bad fu**** luck! Friday 31, chilling at home around 12:30 pm, phone rings, its my neighbor. Uhm clearing his throat. uhh my son hit your wife’s bike. WTF!!! i just got it from the paint shop… Shut the phone down the stairs and there it was in a pool of fuel. Damage assessment was quick. He apologized and explained that his son just got his license. OK, so why park it in such a tight spot if he does not know how to drive? It’s OK I will cover the damages. Its not about the damages its about the down time, till I order and get the parts, take the tank off and paint, its a hassle. And I just finished painting it. How unlucky can we get this year, I will tell you in my next post.

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