Bomb scare was ‘joke’ Briton tells Dubai court

SLOVAKIA-CZECH-BRITAIN-TOURISM A Briton who sparked a bomb alert on an Emirates flight from Manchester to Dubai in July while he was drunk told a court in the Gulf emirate that he was joking, newspapers reported on Thursday.
"It was a joke," Mark Winter, 37, told the court on Wednesday, as he pleaded not guilty to attacking a civilian airliner, the papers said.

"I was drunk. I was unaware of what I was doing ... I did not assault the flight attendant. I did not assault the passengers but I was trying to defend myself," the English-language daily Khaleej Times quoted Winter as telling the court.

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Adreanline said...

Typically English, they drink 2 beers and turn into hooligans.

The women are even worse, they drink 2 beers then go for a one night stand with the first guy they see and the next day they claim that they were raped.