100,000 KD Question

 3165421 Here is the deal, I would like to pick your brains by asking the above question. If you have a 100,000KD Capital what kind of business will you set up in Kuwait. Try to be creative, and steer away from investments.


Anonymous said...

LOL ok now me being son of a business man I would say the most successful business I see in Kuwait these days is anything to do with food :D

but if I would really think something apart from food I would further invest in my garments business as its the field I am aware of and I know the pros and cons so its easy for me to play around it!

Hellraiser said...

oYeah food is an ongoing business, however with the multitude of menues made available, competition is much tougher, trouble with the food industry in Kuwait it starts well and then they go into cost cutting. Take Burj Al Hamam nad Kababji his food went A+ to C in a matter of 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Burj Al Hamam going from A to C. The problem is their service has gone down and their prices have gone higher!

Sorry off the topic I liked your poll so made some changes to it and posted on my blog :) and another question...are you riding tonight?

Hellraiser said...

Ok AMU you confused me for a sec. Hey this si copyrighted material now I have to sew you :) No unfortunately my parts did not show up so I am still grounded.

Anonymous said...

What did I confuse you with? :D Did I over react...?

Adreanline said...

A Bar, a gentlemen club,

M.D said...

LOLS what a subject .. well i'm on a project to get that amount of money to begin an idea i have .

If i had 100,000 Kd what would i do ?
well i would find some stocks to buy i know the stock market is down now but who knows ? & that would be like 10.000 kd .

60 kd for a web designer to make a site i'll intend to do soon .. not going to tell what is all about cuz its going to be new stuff in kuwait .

i would open a sewing shop providing it with well training tailors .. i think the shop takes around 40,000 kd or some .. the workers got to have money & i got to buy some good fabrics .

10.000 + 40.000 + 60 = 50.060 + unknown payment but let's say around 30 to 40.000 .

i think by that all thw 100.000 is consumed , if there was any left overs it should be kept in the bank .

The stocks i bought may get high .

the site with get money by the ads.

the shop is it was so good ... girls will know it & as we all know girls in kuwait are 2:1 to boys.

if there was profits it should be payed for new other projects .

:D .. i'm going to do that for real lols .. i will start from Zero .. & i'll keep doubling my zeros ;p

M.D said...

the shop is it was

the shop - if it was - **

Hellraiser said...

Great MD. wish you luck, you still have associated marketing cost and some designers I guess, not discounting your own salary.

Hellraiser said...

Adrenaline dude keep on dreaming.

M.D said...

i'm on my way .. i don't have salary yet ... i'm 18 years old .. Eng. student .

hey Adrenaline are you really thinking of making a bar in kuwait ? lols .. u just can't .. u can sell Drink but u can't open a Bar !!