MFX CLASSIC Motorcycle Faucet

Blending the finest in designer faucet technology with an original motorcycle- inspired style, the MFX Classic faucet is a bold and stunning addition to your home, workshop, RV or yacht. Not all faucets are created equal. Style and quality of materials distinguishes low-end from high-end models. This product is for the discerning individual who seeks a quality faucet. More than 2 years in development, our patented design gives you the best craftsmanship and performance you should expect from a well made product, including: - Durable finish - Precision engineering - Ceramic disc valves - Brass construction At the retail price of $799.99 the MFX Classic, with its top-of-the-line components, showcases a unique durable fixture that only happens with attention to detail and unquestionable standards for quality. Imagine this designer item in your home, business, workshop, yacht, RV....you name it! Featured Product on HGTV - I Want That Baths! Here is what they had to say... "People are getting away from the big box run-of-the-mill bathroom products" "Give your bathroom that Born-to-be-wild look" "Get a grip on these chrome and steel beauties" "A bold unconventional accessory that is sure to give your bathroom that extra horsepower you have been looking for" You gotta love creativity.

Aramex improved service

It seems that Aramex has improved their delivery service, my items were shipped from my US box on the 25th and arrived into Kuwait on the 28th thats 3 days only!! This is a great achievement. Keep up the good service Aramex.


Arnie from Bad to Worse

Probably the only good thing Arnie has done was taking the title of Mr.Universe, and he should have stuck to that. He sucked in Movies and he Sucks more as a politician. To top it all off now he mega sucks phiscally be the judge.


"El Superbeasto"eBay Shopping List

eBay mania, I guess the best bargain shopping website in the galaxy, its contagious, toxic, addictive and the only place where you can find 41423 parts for your HD.
So I am running on a tight budget not to exceed 750 KD. Bidding what a rush!!

My eBay Shopping List
Performance Cams
Performace Heads
42mm Mikuni Performance Carb
Dunlop® D205 200/55R17 Blackwall - 17" Rear
17x6 Alloy Wheel
Rear 18 gauge strutless fender
Saracin Front Fender
Paint Job
Lepera Flamed Seat
Supertrapp X-Pipes
Labor of Love with some sweaty hours, spanners and grinder.


Operation "El Superbeasto"

It's that time of the year again when people start dreaming of summer vacation, blue water, cool drinks, sandy beaches... So while the world goes into slumber Hellraiser is planning his next lift to one of his beasts, rising from utter darkness clad in mat black the 2000 Nightrain is gonna go under the knife or more or less under the grinder. Operation Fat Train consists of a 200 fat ass rear, 95" engine upgrades aiming to hit 110 ft/lb of raw torque at 3500 RPM, gold flakes over matt paint job, X-Pipes and the list goes on.

BTW the Fat Train is my wive's Harley I guess it would be the meanest female driven bike in town. Watch this space for updates on project Fat Train throughout this summer.

New King in Town release date August

For me to say WOW for a bike its gotta be impressive, innovative, sleek, sexy revolutionary and BOY does the new Suzuki B- King delivers on all the above and much much more. Eye popping 250HP, supercharged Hayabusa engine, electronics directly from an Apache Helicopter. Unfortunately that was the prototype which had a 1300 cc, turbo charged 250 hp machine. Now, it's a 1500 cc with a normal engine and a reputed 175 bhp. Not too shabby.

But gone are also all the prototype special features, such as Heads Up Display (HUD) built-in to the special helmet, fingerprint technology, remote diagnostics, etc. Still, a killer motorcycle. But I still like the proto better than the real things which lost its agressiveness.


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Jack Sparrow: Did no one come to save me just because they missed me? The third movie of the series picks where Jack Sparrow disappeared, I am looking forward when it will hit Kuwait. AT WORLD'S END. The movie was shot back-to-back with the second entry into the series, DEAD MAN'S CHEST. there are talks of a fourth sequel, I just hope Hollywood does not ruin a good thing.


Mall of Kuwait

It seems that Kuwait is trying to catch up with Dubai, unfortunately there no skying slopes.... Located between the two main highways linking Kuwait City to the south, the Mall of Kuwait in the Sabahiya area will have a massive retail area of 150,000 square meters. Designed to capture the imagination of the nation, it will be surrounded by gardens, water bodies and some of the most extensive leisure and dining facilities.