Wakan 100 Roadster Strada

wakan The Roadster 100 is fitted with the same 1,640cc, 45-degree v-twin as all other Wakan machines, and it makes 115bhp at 6,250rpm and 156Nm of torque at 4,250rpm.
The Wakan Roadster 100’s tubular backbone chassis is made of chrome-molybdenum and uses the engine as a stressed member. The front fork is a 46mm USD Ceriani number, the rear shock is a ZF Sachs unit, the wheels are forged aluminium Marchesinis and the meaty swingarm is made of aluminium alloy. The bike weighs 177kg dry and claimed top speed is 250km/h.
The Roadster 100 is fitted with a single 340mm brake disc at the front, with six-piston AJP callipers, and the rear disc is 220mm. The bike rides on 17-inch wheels, shod with 180/55 (rear) and 120/70 Michelin Pilot Power rubber.


Pool Table President Elect Barack Obama Played on

ac5b_1 Now this is getting ridiculous, it seems whatever Obama touches these days is getting auctioned on ebay. Take for instance this pool table after the ridiculous waffle for 40,000 & the car at 110,000 now comes this pool table for a starting price of 500K. What next Obama used unwashed underwear? Link

Update: I did find weirder things on eBay, such as a Barak Obama domain for 21,000,000$ and Pizza Obama Domain at 500,000$

Barack Obama 2005 Chrysler 300 C HEMI For Sale On eBay

3ad1_3 In July 2004, Barack Obama took delivery of this 2005 Chrysler 300c from Park Plaza Dodge in Forest Park, Illinois. In 2007, Obama swapped his Chrysler sedan for a Ford Escape Hybrid at Hawk Ford in Oak Lawn, IL. Hawk Ford then transfered the 300C back to Park Plaza Dodge. Today, the Obamamobile 300 C Hemi showed up on eBay Current Bid US $116,101.99. I guess it a much better deal than famous half eaten waffle that went shortly on eBay and reached 20K, before removing it.

Take the time to read some of the Q&A hilarious. Link

Question & Answer
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Is any of Obama's hair still in the car?

I wouldn't know..the Auction is for his 300c not his DNA samples

Did Obama Fart in this car? is that why it's worth $100K, cause you know the 300 ain't worth *ick.. KBB is like $0.00025 resale.

I never said it was worth 100k..that's the opening bid. obviously the value is a variable for people like you vs car collectors..

Has this car been smoked in???

You'll have to ask Barack, has not been smoked in by current owner, however.

Does the 300c still smell like Obama?

If Obama smells like every other Chrysler 300 sure why not?


Ferrari motorcycle price US$300,000


The bike, which took 3,000 man-hours to build, was completed in 1995. Its 900cc, four-cylinder, DOHC engine is custom-built, and produces 105 horsepower at 8,800rpm – enough to propel the 172-kilo bike to a top speed of 265km/h.

Built by David Kay Engineering and bears frame and engine number SF-O1M. It’s the only real Ferrari motorcycle in the world and the ugliest, I would go for the new KTM any day of the week.


Honda Varadero 2009 rumored

My all time favorite trail has just grown bigger and badder. Forget Beemers, KTM, Aprilia, Guzzis. The African King is here the real deal built to digest miles on end with superb reliability. Enter the Varadero 2009 rumored to be powered by a V4 1200 cc with 120 HP on tap and tipping the scale at 220kg, I would rather have Honda beef up the V-twin to 1200 and introduce a shaft a la BMW, while keeping the weight. Whatever Honda decide, I will go with Varadero over any bike out there.



Oman Trip 2005

My last trip to Dibba was to attend the HOG Middleast event, I had to commute back and forth from Dubai totaling 800km in 3 days. The trip to Dibba and fourth in a car was quite dull, car travelling is dull and sensational, someone in a Porsche or a Ferrari might disagree, however dive me a motorcycle any time, 2 wheels rule! 4 wheels suck. Luckily I have done the trip to Oman – Khorfakan – Dibba  - Dubai in 2005 and for this occasion I have unearthed some pictures from this trip.



Woolworths gone bust

WOOLTHE  retail giant Woolworths has gone into administration is the clearest sign yet that no company is immune from the stranglehold of the credit crunch. With 30,000 jobs now in peril at the High Street Store, Every High Street Store in the UK has to satisfy its customers to survive the cut-throat business that is the retail industry.


World's 2nd richest person

225px-Carlos_Slim_Hel%C3%BA Slim was born in Mexico City, Mexico. His father, Julián Slim, a Maronite Catholic, immigrated to Mexico City from Lebanon at the age of 14. His father, Julián, established a dry goods store called La Estrella del Oriente (Star of the Orient) in 1911 and purchased real estate in downtown Mexico City. He and his wife had six children, of whom Carlos was the youngest boy. His mother is also Lebanese. Slim is a Mexican businessman largely focused on the telecommunications industry. He is the second richest man in the world with a net worth of around U.S. $60 billion through his holdings.

Great to see Lebanese making it into the top 3 list.


Why men shave their head


APC launches the airbag helmet for motorcyclists


met1 met_2

Based in Barcelona, Spain, APC Systems have come out with an innovation that could well save some lives. The Spanish company has developed crash helmets that incorporate an airbag, increasing the level of crash protection for motorcyclists.
According to the company, a small, simple control box fitted on the motorcycle receives and processes data, which allows it to determine when a collision may be imminent. When this ‘black box’ figures out that the rider is about to crash, it relays a signal which inflates the crash helmet’s airbag in less than 15/100th of a second, increasing safety levels for the rider.
There are no cables or any other physical elements linking the rider to the bike – the black box works on its own, in a manner that’s completely unobtrusive. And when it inflates, the airbag provides protection to the rider’s neck and back, reducing the chances of severe injury. In the event of a crash, the airbag stabilizes the neck and protects the upper back, the benefits of which are obvious.
The APC helmet airbag is, apparently, only available in Spain right now, so we do hope it’ll also go on sale elsewhere in the world over the next few months.

GPS Lingerie

lingerie Are you worried where your wife, girlfriend or daughter is? Worry no more the GPS Lingerie is here. Yes you heard me right! A new line of lingerie that comes equipped with a GPS! Wonder what my female readers are thinking. Yes, a modern-day high tech chastity belt.
Is it an outrageous way for insecure men to monitor their partners or a security device for women on the go, maybe good for pimps! The lingerie combination set consists of lace bodice, bikini bottom and faux pearl collar, with the GPS device nestled in the see-through part of the bodice next to the waist. At around $800, you can wonder just how many of these will be sold. Not many I guess. Good.


Most Beautiful Gadget

camera You are looking at a combination camera and multi-tools called “Le Coultre Compass” invented in 1936 by Noel Pemberton Billing (1881-1948), an English aviator, inventor and British Lord.

The phantom camera was used by spies and although I am not one I dream of owning such an art piece. But its rarity made a buyer pay 120,000 British pounds in 2001 just for the pleasure to look at it and play with its complex Swiss army style multi-knives system.

Motorcycles Can Be Dangerous For Your Sex Life.

motorcyclesexlife That's a bummer, I wonder if this is true?

We all know that motorcycles are dangerous. But for your sex life too? A study carried out by doctors in Japan has revealed men that ride motorcycles are at risk of impotence and urinary problems because the vibrations of the engine damage nerves in their penises. The survey of more than 230 motorcyclists who rode their bikes for about 3 hours every weekend found almost 70% had problems gaining an erection or emptying their bladders. The reasons: 1-motorcycle seat undue pressure on the perineum, that unknown area between the anus and the scrotum. The pressure can restrict blood flow. 2- vibrations from the engine caused a decrease in two growth hormones in the bladder and prostate related to bladder relaxation. I didn’t know that such a number of bikers had trouble getting one up.