Jazeera Airways

654 It took me one hour to get from to the airport, all major roads were closed due to the Economical Arab Summit. unfortunately there were no detour signs marking alternative routes to the airport although, Al Watan Daily published yesterday that roads will be closed from 15:00 to 21:00. I headed to the airport at 14:00 to discover the roads were already closed. After a long detour, I ended up in Juleib next to the cargo terminal. I checked in at 15:00 sharp and waited for my flight to board at 16:15. No calls mentioning my flight on the PA by 14:30, I checked the screen and discovered the flight was canceled. I quickly headed to the Jazeera counter and did not conceal my frustration regarding the situation. The explanation I got that, was that none of the passenger made it. After fussing for 15 minutes, they promised  to correct he situation. The best they could come up with was a flight at 19:30 and they would give 3 seat for my comfort. I turned down the offer, the officer in charge was courteous and promised an upgrade. 10 minutes later they called me up to pick up a Jazeera Plus ticket with Pearl Lunge access, the least they could do given the wait I will have to endure. nevertheless  I would like to commend Al Jazeera for their professional approach and swift resolution and believe me, it does pay to complain.