El Superb Beasto Problems

 leneb Today I decided to kill my boredom by fiddling with El Superbeasto. I started off by removing the dusty cover, its been sitting there since May, while my attention was focused on Blitzy. The cover revealed a dusty bike that has suffered multiple sand storm. My main concern was the battery, I inserted the key, pulled the choke and hit the starter button. The Beast cranked in rattling sound and died. Restarted the procedure, it coughed but died once I opened the throttle. Took the air filter off, used some Gum out spray carb cleaner, nothing, nada. Battery went flat! Took the carb off, checked the main jet and it was clogged with rust, this is brand new carb. Fast rewind, to find out what went wrong and it hit me Tony, this no good son of a gun, did not coat my tank, although I supplied him with the necessary material, I looked in to the tank, all rusted. I have grown to hate this guy, not only he ripped me off for a total KD 250, he delivered a half ass job and screwed up my tank. Moral of the story do not trust anyone when it comes to Shuwaikh, I feel naive putting my trust in this A..hole!

Bottom line El Superbeato started to it for a spin, definitely need a new paint job, thanks to the Tony Bubbly work and carelessness.

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