The Fonz

fonzy1 Today I was reminiscing on which TV series, I grew fond off in my yesteryears, and it sorts like of hit me. Happy days!! Yes absolutely, I never missed an episode. OK I did like Manix, Hawai Five 0, Land of the Giants, Genie, Kojak, Rin Tin Tin and Mission Impossible. But Happy days that's it. No one in my age group identified with Ritchie Cunnigham, nooo it was always the master of cool himself . The Fonz. High School Drop out, black leather, motorcycles, chicks and tough. Everybody wanted to be the Fonz. Even Henry Winkler himself sates the following:

"The Fonz was everybody I wasn't. He was everybody I wanted to be." He commands tremendous respect throughout much of Milwaukee for his well-deserved reputation for fighting (in one episode, he out-duelled an expert fencer; in another, he literally mangled a gangster's prosthetic iron hand with one fist), his skills as a ladies' man and mechanic, his history of romantic involvement with virtually every attractive woman in Milwaukee, and his imperturbable "cool." Opponents far larger and more dangerous-seeming than himself back down from confrontations with him. Those who do confront him never come out on top, leaving "The Fonz" without a scrape.

Makes me think of my daughters raw model today "Hannah Montana", unfortunately I don't think she is that hip as the Fonz, on the other hands my kids think I am old, but still cool a bit like the Fonz :)

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