El Superbeasto Episode VI

The tire and swing arm are in place, machining of the exhaust bracket was sent to a shop in shuwaikh. Cams were pulled out of the bike, it seems the pervious owner has setup 203 cams on it, which is why the bike had a good pull. Awaiting for 211 cams to show up and Kevalr clutch to close the engige in episode VII, in addition to rewiring. Tony did not start on the paint job yet as he is awaitinf the old school flake i bought off eBay. That wraps it up for this episode see you next week.


El Superbeasto Episode V 1/2

Here is the deal, took off my swing arm grinded it to fit the meaty 200mm tire, wheel sent off to polishing, the guys at Dunlop in shuwaikh managed to scratch during the un-mounting process, what a waste of talent. After some arguments I got the un-mounting for free, although not satisfied at all with the scratched rim. Took the rim to polishing destination a little shop off Canada Dry Street. Excellent polishing job, followed by a clear coat at Tony's garage. Next up is putting together the rear end on thusday, finalisfing the custom mount for the Tailgunner exhaust and ship it off to powder coating.

On the Agenda a new camera, fed up with out of focus crappy pictures

Diesel motorcycle to go into production shortly

Neander’s diesel-powered motorcycle is to go into production later this summer.
The final tweaks to the motorcycle are being made now before pre-production models are built for the launch in August.

Power 100HP @ 4200 RPM
Torques 144 ft/lb @ 2600 RPM
Acceleration 0-100 in 4 sec

The bike is clumsy looking, however impressive numbers for a 1400 CC Turbo Diesel, the torque is massive. When will harley put such an engine together.


Cruising on top of the world on a Harley?

Lets not exagerate its actually 3000m above sea level, the venue is the Cedars in Lebanon, the date May 2004. So why am I blogging about it today, simply cause I recieved the scanned picture lately from the Saudi dude in the picture. I am the guy with the real Harley Gear :), sandals and an old jacket which I found at my grandma place. I will never forget the day, it was never planned. I was attending a meeting in Beirut, when I met the HOG team from Saudi, yes they do have one there and they call bike for "dabbab" not to be mistaken with Dabbabeh, although Harley are buily like a tank. Anyways the result was this unforgettable scenery viewed from a bike perspective.

King Abullah cruising the west coast

The king of Jordan blew through Carmel on his Harley-Davidson on Wednesday, surprising diners at Katy's Place restaurant.
'It blew the whole town away,' said Randy Bernett, a partner at Katy's, which served King Abdullah a breakfast of pancakes and mixed fruit. Abdullah and about 10 Harley riders then left for a ride down the Big Sur coast.
The king's visit was meant to be low-profile, said a Jordanian consulate official, though it's rather difficult to remain incognito in the small city of Carmel when your entourage includes a host of Secret Service agents, members of the royal guard, a California Highway Patrol escort and a lineup of black SUVs.
Bernett said Abdullah and his group arrived at the restaurant about 10:45 a.m. Wednesday. An advance team had arrived earlier to make certain that the seating arrangement was correct and to clear out the restaurant. Link


El Superbeasto Episode V

The $350 engine rebuild challenge, OK I did say $250 previouly however I forgot labor for boring out the cylinder. The result is a gorgeous 1550 cc HD, Gold powder coated with Black. Total working hours not counting trips to Shuwaikh was 4 Hours, this included stripping down the rockers cover,heads,cylinder, removing the pistons, new pistons and the other way around. Next week I will be coating the swing arm, and some other parts, including changing the clutch plates to kevlar.


El Superbeasto Episode IV

Custom to the bone, for the last 4 weeks I have been cutting, grinding, fitting and machining. Fat-train transformation from Twisted Steel to Sex Appeal is getting one notch closer towards design completion. The outcome 6" stretched tank, 9" fender and a 200mm wide tire. Episode V will focus on rebuilding the engine, awaiting ordered part from eBAY to show up on my door step, the challenge is building a 90HP engine for a budget of 250$.


Lebanese Army Promo

Neat Moral Booster to support the Lebanese Army.


Microsoft Outsourcing Costs Reduced

By using employees in remote areas
the hourly wage is less and the energy cost nonexistent