Chinese Horrorscope


rabbit_big For the record, I am not a weird Horoscope Buff,  I don't read it and I don't believe much in superstitions, so no black cats, ladders, Friday the 13th and 3ains are considered bad luck in my book.

The last time I checked my Chinese horoscope was like 8 years ago, so for the fun of it and given this year miserable track record of challenges I am facing, I have decided to have a look at my signs. 

So being born under the Rabbit sign this is my forecast for 2008. 43% (3 favorable, 3 neutral and 6 unfavorable months) So, this year is likely to be a lot more challenging than last year. OK enough this is very much true for this year, things have not been going my way professionally.

Conventional Zodiac Sign

ages You will spend most of this year exercising your creativity and helping others, which will bring you great financial rewards and success.Well its looking much better here, what a load of Bull, true I am helping others, however I am not getting any recognition in return, which is impacting my productivity and motivation.

So bottom line my Chinese Horoscope is more accurate than my Zodiac Sign. So am I to believe in them, not really, life is what you make of it, and no matter how many gurus and weirdos try to persuade you otherwise, you are in control of your destiny, except in the case of Force Majeur :)

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