The purpose of Ramadan

triangles-of-ramadan Contrary to popular beliefs, Ramadan, is not about eating, sleeping, Ghabkas and Sohoor. Its about patience, self control to help oppress passions and temper, helping the less fortunate and Taqwa by reading the Quraan and to strengthen one's faith.


Unfortunately we see people around us, discussing food, outings, loosing tempers, pigging out and sleeping. The Holly month of Ramadan is getting westernized, you might agree and disagree on this point, but like it or not, our culture is changing and with it some of the key aspects of our beliefs are getting diluted.

Did you stop for a second and ask yourself why are prices hiked in the month of Ramadan in restaurants and Jam3ias and no one is doing anything about it. Why are people less tolerant in this month then any others, with fights breaking up in shopping malls and on the streets, are we supposed to send our neighbors plates of food or should we be helping the needy instead, and Girgi3an is turning into some kind of competition, where people are spending upwards of 200KD to package differently, I can't help but wonder  how does this benefit the needy?

I do not want to generalize here, however how many of us out in the Muslim world understand the real value of this month? Do we fast just because we are told to, cause its Haram and the laws of the country supports it, or do we believe in doing so for our own good, the good of others and Allah.

Fasting is a means to becoming Muttaqi.  No doubt, fasting has health and spiritual benefits, but we must never lose sight of the main goal of fasting.  Ramadan provides an environment for our collective training and development of character. Since character building is a hard, long, continuous process, Ramadan is repeated every year as a reminder and re-enforcer.  We must judge our accomplishments by the standards laid down by the Quran.


Shoush said...

9a7 ilsanik. :) So very very true. Today Ramadan has become commercialized indeed. It has become a way for businesses to make more money (prices of goods and tv shows and endless commercials), for ppl to spend their money in a way to prove to others that they have it (like sending the food to their friends and family and the girgai3an and etc). Unfortunetly we have lost the essence of this holy month. I am not one to preach becuz i admit that i too get caught up with the tv shows and do not read Quran as much as i shud, but.. *sigh*, thanks for this post. It was a good wake-up call. Sometimes we get so caught up in the pleasures of life and forget the main purpose for living it, which is exactly wat Ramadan shud be. "A reminder and re-enforcer".

Bashar said...

Well, that's new type of triangle. and I guess many people would go REALLY?

And yeah, Girgi3an is fun for kids, but it's becoming DAMN expensive.