Roland Sands’ Ducati Ultramotard!

Roland Rands a name synonymous with radical bike building. So What happens when talented specials builder Roland Sands gets his hands on a Ducati Hypermotard? Why, you get an Ultramotard! As you can see, the machine takes some of its flat-tracker styling cues from Sands’ earlier machine, the KRV5.The custom-made twin exhaust pipes look very good, as does the custom red and gray paintjob. We don’t know if the engine has also been worked upon and whether there are any performance enhancements on this bike, but for a bit of around town posing, this Ducati Ultramotard would probably be hard to beat anyway!

Visit Roland Sands website here.

The BMW R1150GS-based Beutler Boxer

What do you do with an R1150GS that nobody wants? If you are Klaus Beutler – a man devoted to building high-performance streetfighters – you don’t hock it off to buy an R1200GS Adventure. Instead, you take the 1150GS and convert it into something that nobody else in your neighbourhood has – the rather outlandish Beutler Boxer.The Beutler bike has been designed to look like it’s one single piece of… something. With resin and fiberglass, Klaus Beutler worked for months to fabricate the bodywork and all the paintwork was also done by hand.According to a report on Motociclismo, it’s not an easy bike to ride – the seat is quite high and climbing on can be quite difficult for those who aren’t as tall as Mr Beutler himself. Then, the turning radius is very large, the clutch is stiff and the ergonomics are less than stellar. Worse still, the bike feels nervous and isn’t very stable at high speeds. And all this despite Beutler claiming he hasn’t done anything to the original chassis…


Nitro Circus Awesome Must see!!!

No Body does it better than the yanks.


2008 Legend of the Motorcycle Concours

Famous Italian racing legend Giacomo Agostini will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2008 event.

Agostini, known to millions of fans worldwide as “Ago”, is the world’s greatest motorcycle grand prix racer with 15 Grand Prix World Championship titles. While fellow Italian and World Champion racer Valentino Rossi is close on his heels in terms of career titles, no one has yet to match Ago’s incredible record on the track. Most closely associated with famed Italian super bike MV Agusta, Agostini actually won his first championship in 1963 astride a Moto Morini. This win caught the attention of Count Domenico Agusta, founder of MV Agusta, who added young Agostini to his race team that included Mike Hailwood.
Ago’s tenure with Count Agusta’s team would result in nearly a decade of successive victories and the cementing of Agostini and MV as one of the greatest racers and machines of all time.


To V or to B that is the Question!

Its that time of the year, where I have an itch about changing my ride, my wife calls it Mid-Life crisis, I call it time for change. Throughout the years I have owned over 30 or so bikes, for the past 5 years i have been experiencing the Harley Dream or at least trying to fit my engines to my riding style. Every Harley I owned I modfied its engine, to acheive at least 100HP. But the frame of these beasts fails time and over again, above 160KPH, it twitches it wobbles and if lucky you get a tank slapper thrown in as freebee. The time has come to move on form conventional AC Vtwin to 100+ HP.
The contenders:
The V-ROD, german engineering powered by a Porche design engine, built in the US, delivering 120HP+, Brembo Brakes. Sleek, Raw, Evil Machine, excellent stability on straights, cornering abilities are next to zero, due the lack of clearance, not a bike for twisties but then again Kuwait is flat and corner free, seating position not a cruiser. Worth cosidering given its a Harley on steroids, my only negative feedback is the lack of torque vs its AC counterparts with 1600cc. Price is 5700KD.
The B-King, bullet proof engine 164HP, 94 ft/lb of torque and speeds close to rip your pants. The bike is naked, similar to V-Rod and the K1200R, looks futuristic, I like the Batman styled exhaust. Price Tag is 3700KD, for 2000 less its the bike to beat, but again as the V-Rod it has an identity crisis, which is exactly how I feel!!

Honda Evo6 GW-Prototype

Based on the Goldwing engine this got to be the sexiest Honda I have seen in a long time, Unfortunately, Honda has a history of building beautiful GW-based concept bikes that never go into production, Rune was an exception and a failure. I am hoping that this one, is the first that does.

Hail Maximus!!

For the novice the Yamaha V-Max is a turning point in the street rod performance era. Inroduced in 1985 theV-Mx is one of the best-selling Japanese motorcycles of all time. Good news is that Yamaha's V-Max is coming back and anything below 200 horsepower will not cut it with buyers. France was one of the great markets for the original Vmax and it was a commercial success. The new Vmax is most likely to become a 2009 model now. IMHO Harley V-Rod success is attributed to the V-Max. In terms of looks although the protype looks mean, it will be tamed by the time of its launch.
As you can see the proto is on right and the release photos are on the left.


Harley Crossbones 2008!

The raw aggressive styling of the Cross Bones is no mistake. Harley is exposing a fresh, mainstream side of the venerable Motor Company. Harley looked to its knuckles and pans of yesterday for styling cues on the latest motorcycle in its Dark Custom line. The Cross Bones has the "retro look of a Springer front end and other post-war era bobber styling cues like a sprung solo seat, half-round rider footboards, Gloss Black round air cleaner cover and chopped front fender." Harley has done its homework because these styling cues are reflected in current trends in the custom building scene.

This makes my choice of a new bike harder, I like the range of Harley Dark Customs, in specific the V-rod since I already own the Nighttrain. The X-Bones is a heavy weight contender that appeals to the retro fanatic while delivering 21th century performance, I happen to be one of them, time to trade in my Electra Glide.

2 held in TV anchor attack "The Saga Continues"

Kuwait : Securitymen arrested two youngsters (Yeap the youngster were called in for the hearing, and showed as agreed at the police station)— a Kuwaiti and a GCC citizen — for attacking (I think molesting will be the next word they will use?) a Kuwait TV anchor (Camera Grip Operator) three days ago and referred them to authorities, (Yeap Sure did, it was a call asking if they could come down to the station) reports Al-Seyassah daily. The daily earlier reported that a Kuwait TV anchor, identified as AM, (Ass-Munch) filed a complaint at Shamiya Police Station accusing about 20 youngsters of assaulting him. Funny its better they stick to undisclosed location as yesterday it was Fayha.


20 bikers beat up KTV anchor (yeah right)

Lies Punches & Video Tapes. I would like to take a second to salute the Wooss in the picture for his bravery and taking it like a man, unfortunately this model of misery, went with his tale between his legs after instgating the fight and communicated the following to the local media. "KUWAIT : An anchor at Kuwait TV, identified as A.M, filed a complaint at Shamiya Police Station accusing about 20 youngsters (the youngest beeing 40) of assaulting him, reports Al-Seyassah daily.The Kuwaiti anchor said he saw 20 youngsters riding Harley Davidson motorbikes on the Arabian Gulf Street and asked their permission (HOG invited KTV to cover the 4th annual bowling tournament) to film them. Reportedly, the youths agreed but shortly afterwards a motorist driving a car bearing a Saudi number plate tried to prevent him from filming and forced him to pull over (after he tried to run him of the road twice). The anchor presented his ID (yes by swearing and thinking that HOG will side by him and beat the Saudi intruder) and said he was filming the youths after taking their approval but to his utter shock and surprise, the youths started attacking him and caused him bruises on his face and eye (Poor Baby). The anchor gave the film showing the plate numbers of the motorbikes to the police.

In conclusion I feel rejuveniated by this article by beeing called a youth, and relieved that the Kuwaiti press are really as reliable and accurate in depicting the information as the weather service and finally the dissapointment that 12 guys who beat him up, a total 24 fists could only manage to land one accurate punch.

Update: Yesterday the guys spend the day at the police station where our fearfull hero was called in to point out the so called sodomisers. Believe it or not, he failed to recognise the gentlemen who blued him, keep in mind there was only one person at the station. Then after 3-4 hours he had a total recall and said now I remember. "poor bugger must have been a severe concussion".

I have been with the HOG for over 5 years and I know all the members on both the group and private level, after all these years of dodging drunk women, juvenile racers and right down to the moronic careless riders it takes a lot to piss us off, however anyone who crosses the line in firing obscenities is asking for it...

Harley Davidson Stock hits rock bottom

The US is in a recession (economists disagreeing on the definition of a recession, they always announce it a minimum of 6 months after it was started). Look at the Harley-Davidson stock. On Friday, the stock closed at a 52-week low of $39.84. The 52-week high was $74.03 in January 2007. Since that time, shares of HOG have been falling and falling due to increasing credit fears. S&P gives Harley-davidson a rating of negative 2 Stars selling out of 5. Yesterday, American Express warned that slower spending and more delinquencies on credit card payments will hurt profits throughout 2008.

Sexy Wearable I-Phone

New ways of practicing using your I-Phone, if you own one you already know that to unlock (open) it you need to slide your finger at the bottom. I guess the designer of these panties has identified the need of women that are seeking some attention of their geek counterpart. So now you can take your partner to bed and pratice the tips and tricks how to work your I-Phone. Link

Sexy Superbike: MV Agusta F4 R 312

The MV Agusta F4 R 312 is one of the two most beautiful bikes (the other being the Ducati 1098R...) among the current Italian superbikes. It sounds absolutely awesome and does 312km/h


Zero to 270km/h in less than 9 seconds

Kawabanga, or rather should I say Suzibanga Velocity Racing’s kit has been designed to bolt straight on to a stock bike – apart from heavier clutch springs, no other engine modifications are needed. But yes, the bike’s swingarm needs to be lengthened and braced for added strength.With 8psi (about 0.55 bar) of boost, the turbocharged GSX-R1000 will make 250 horsepower and will accelerate from zero to 270km/h in 8.63 seconds. With some tweaks, VR expect this time to come down to 8.3 seconds, hold on to your nickers! The full system costs about US$4,000. More details on the VR website here.


BMW DXB Club - Musandam - Dec 13th 2007

A buddy of mine send me this video. This is a ride arranged by the BMW club in DXB to Musandan in Oman, interesting curves I must admit.


Cute bike

Hot Dreams Specials

Born to Run was sold for a bit more than US$100,000!For more details, visit the Hot Dreams website here.

Steffano Motorcycles’ Ducati 999-based Café9

The California, US-based Steffano Motorcycles are, apparently, specials builders of some repute. The bike weighs 169 kilos, and the engine has been tuned to produce a respectable 150bhp. The bike is fitted with carbonfibre bodywork, forged alloy wheels, and fully adjustable control levers, footrests and handlebars. And the best bit is, it even comes with an integrated police radar detection system!


Wheelies on Stilletos!

All right, this chick knows how to lift the front... for a change!