Dreaming of Adventure?


I was browsing for a real adventurous bike ride and I came across Kudu expeditions. Kudu gives you the choice of 4 itineraries and the mother of all trip the Round The World trip.

  • PARIS - DAKAR Challenge (4,000 miles)
  • TRANS-SAHARA Challenge (3,000 miles)
  • TRANS-AFRICA 2010 (18,000 miles)
  • TRANS-AMERICAS (20,000 miles)
  • RTW 2009 and 2010 (20,000 miles)

Prices range from KD1,400 - 13,000, depending if you want to bring your own bike or get a BMW F650 GS (either the standard or Dakar version) issued from KUDU. You will also get pre-expedition training  held over two weekends for the bigger trips, and one day for the Paris-Dakar Challenges in the run up to the departure date, and is included in the price.

Kudu also provides you with

  • Full mechanical and administrative support
  • Spare parts for Kudu owned bikes
  • All equipment required to service and repair Kudu owned bikes
  • Emergency medical equipment
  • Communications equipment for use by Kudu personnel
  • Tents - 1 per person
  • Cooking facilities
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