My Projects in Kuwait 2004-2008

Its been 4 years now, I have been driving Harleys in Kuwait throughout which my wife and I have owned a total of 6. My wife started off with a 2002 Sportster then progressed to a 2004 Sportster to settle on a 2000 Nightrain which was totally built form the ground up and dubbed El Super Beasto.I started off by a Heritage 2000 (Hellraiser II), Bought a 2006 Touring (Acrimony) my least favorite and now proud owner of a 2002 super modified Nightrain (Blitz Bomber) Blitzy for short. In between I helped built a friends bike a 2006 Heritage. I you are wondering why I name my bikes, simply is to get my theme flowing, the name of the bike sets the direction of the project, research and parts to deliver on a holistic concept. In a nutshell all the bikes you see below share the same frame and engine, except the Touring model. As you can see there are no limits to what you can create. Is there room for improvement? Sure, but I learned the hard way, that cost is always difficult to control. Therefore its time to stop all customization and concentrate more on driving, these will be the only 2 Harleys, I will keep in my garage for the next 10 years, I hope.


Heritage 061P1011797 P1011789
Heritage 004
Heritage 006


Anonymous said...

The red and black one looks really nice. I am not a harley person purely cuz I never liked touring bikes and the knocking in the bikes...but you have a great collection.

Hellraiser said...

Thanks Amu, the so called black one is drab burgundy red, that was my first Harley I bought back in 2003-04, I love this bike, however I am not a chrome person nor a mainstream person when it comes to Harleys. I have never been a Harley fanatic, I think they are slow, unstable and clumsy. however they do have a charisma and loads of character and that torquey feeling you will never get the cchnce to experience it on a 4 cylinder.

Sphinx said...

hellraiser... i got some photos of your 1st harley during the 2007 Harley Davidson Exhibition here in Kuwait... check out my FLICKR site