Former Intel engineer busted

How stupid can a person be, well I guess not as stupid as Biswamohan Pani, I mean this guy seems to have thought out a quick rich scheme and to impress his future AMD bosses. Pani nabbed 13 files containing over 100 pages of internal Intel design documents drawings on his way to a new gig at AMD. The FBI got involved when another Intel employee noticed some funny business on system access logs.

The affidavit noted that during an interview with the FBI, Pani admitted to downloading the files but said he wanted the information to help his wife, who an Intel employee being transferred from California to the Hudson, Mass. facility. Russell said in the affidavit that Pani's wife was assigned to a project at Intel that had no connection with the files. Go Figure!!

Crime don't pay, kids. Link


Nemo said...

his wife has to have something with this!

Hellraiser said...

I guess too, its get rich quick scam, they thought they would hit the jackpot, goes to show even if you are smart you are sill stupid.