Dibba the new russian destination

OK so today we were supposed to get on our rented harleys and head up to Khorfakan, unfortunately our host and tour operator Fadibou, did not get any confirmation on the booking, I will post more details about my HD experience. Anyways we spent the day today at Dibba located 183 KM from Dubai, wonderful drive, we went snorkling at Sandy Beach Hotel, it was a wonderful experience and we had the chance to see exotic Parrot Fish at close proximity. other fish in the neighborhood were from Russia where it seems tour operators from the old USSR are targeting the area. Specimen in Photo


Wild Camels

Here we go all set for a 5 days fun filled adventure trip to DXB, Ras Al Ein, Khorfakan with Fadibou & Randi, it seems the guys decided to do a mini movie of WildHogs dubbed Wild Camels for Islamic reasons, Cool Enuff for me, we will definitely have massive fun. I will keep posting our our escapade online.


Impressive back flip

A friend of mine send me this video clip, now I know about bikes and this is one heck of a balancing act and then catching it at the right moment enjoy. Dont try this on the Gulf Road Kids.

Motorcycle Back Flip - video powered by Metacafe

Harley Barbie

Move over BRATZ, Harley Barbie is here, dressed to kill in leather and studs, a bit expensive though retailing at 75$ on Amazon. Barbie broke Mattel's heart in 2005 where the toymaker profit fell 28%, the interesting part is that Mattell warned investors it may have to raise toy prices if crude oil prices continue in the $50- to $60-a-barrel range, driving up toy production costs.

Barbie is not considered a hip toy when compared to Bratz, my kids can tell you that! This prompted Mattel to join the endless ranks of officially-licensed Barbie dolls (tie-ins have ranged from Harley-Davidson to the X-Files and literally everything in-between) are a pair of new plastic fantastic NASCAR fangirls-- Jeff Gordon Barbie and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Barbie.

Kuwait 4th Bike Show 2007 Location: Souq Sharq

Best Custom - Must have a Harley engine & frame
Best Softail - FX
Best Softail - FL
Best Dyna
Best Spotster
Best Touring
Best V-Rod
Best Paint Job

Another Bike Accident

Motorist hits US citizen: A US citizen in his 30s has been admitted to the Mubarak Al-Kabir hospital with fractures and bruises, reports Al-Watan daily. The victim was knocked down by a female motorist while driving a motorcycle on the Arabian Gulf Road.

This is ridiculous two similar accidents within 48 hours both involving bikes and women, whats the story here, are we so insignificant for women or they think we are on mopeds? Somebody needs to drive awarness campaigns for women on the rights of bikers on the road, size does not matter!

Australian woman pardons Syrian man in rape attempt

This got to be to funniest rape story I heard, either our Aussie lady got her fantasy fullfilled, or she is really a sweetheart. I googled ‘Victims of Rape Society’ and I could not find it anywhere on the web.

KUWAIT CITY: Police have arrested an unidentified Arab man for ‘raping’ an Australian woman, reports Al-Anba daily.The suspect allegedly followed the woman to a lawyer’s office on Fahd Al-Salem Street in downtown Kuwait City and claimed he was a representative of a company dealing with interior decoration. He then took advantage that no other workers were around and raped her under threat.

When she screamed for help the man escaped and employees of neighboring offices summoned the police.The woman has filed a complaint with the police and she was quoted as saying she will withdraw the case if the attacker pays part of his salary to ‘Victims of Rape Society’ which does not have an office in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, the Al-Watan daily said the Arab man is a Syrian national and that he tried in vain to rape the woman and the victim is said to have requested police not to take action against him. The daily also said the man has been released and he allegedly kissed her hand in a sign of apology.

The First Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle (Yuck)

The BBC did a piece on the first hydrogen powered motorcycle, the ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle, envy for short) from Intelligent-Energy in Leicestershire, UK. The motorcycle has a hydrogen engine, and it's totally silent. In fact, the manufacturer are thinking about making the motorcycle produce some noise, since no-one can hear it, running tap would be good :). If you want to see the short TV piece, click here . To me it looks really ugly, it has some good performance and range. The downsides are price and availability of hydrogen....


Wildhogs The Movie March 2nd

Later this year a movie called Wild Hogs will hit the cinemas. It’s basically the same theme as the movie City Slickers with Billy Crystal, but the horses are replaced with Harleys. I’m pretty sure this would be a fun movie. It’s got motorcycles in it, Harleys of course and it just might attract some wanna be bad boys to the biking scene. The movie is not generating that much fuss online few blogs mention how fat John Travolta has become, after finding some photos from the shoot, lets face harley Riders ain't skinny either. Then of course there’s the little mishap where Hells Angels sues Disney for using their logo in the movie.

Reducing the risk of car rear ending Bikes

I got to say this will really grind traffic to a halt and saves lives in the process :)

Riding Tips???

The causes of many motorcycle crashes can be attributed to:
Lack of basic riding skills
Failure to appreciate the inherent operating characteristics
Failure to appreciate the limitations of the motorcycle
Failure to use special precautions while riding
Failure to use defensive driving techniques.
Lack of specific braking and cornering skills
Failure to follow speed limit
Follow these rules:
Treat other motorists with courtesy and respect.
Avoid tailgating.
Avoid riding between lanes of slowmoving or stopped traffic.
Know and obey traffic laws, including ordinances in your community.
Avoid excessive noise by leaving the stock muffler in place or using a muffler of equivalent noise reduction.
Use signals when appropriate.
Be Courteous: The practices of some ridersare offensive to other motorists (e.g., weaving in and out of stalled traffic, riding on shoulders). Being inconsiderate of other motorists creates a negative image for all riders,and can cause crashes.
Now I wonder if the above does not applies to cars in Kuwait???


Hellraiser II Resurrected

Perception of women bikers, pink bikes, flowers naaaa, forget the norm, my wife's Nightrain started off as an Ugly Dukcling, the previous owner a british school teatcher (GSQ) have humilated this machine by leaving it parked in all kind of weather, custom violet paint job and lots of silicone to hold it together about the only thing in common with women nowadays :). Hellraiser is a bad ass flat black Nightrain, I thought I was building it for myself, until my wife saw it! It was love at first site she dumped her Sportster custom and went for my Nightrain. With a 5 degrees stretched front rake, stage one performance kit, this HD smokes its rear tire by dropping the clutch. My wife thinks its the best thing she ever rode, immagine a 48kg woman handling a 350KG beast, thats Hellraiser II.

Project Acrimony

I am back in style for 2007, Bye- Bye Softail - Hello Electra Glide 2006, 95 CI Engine Chrome, Power and mainly character. With lots of low end grunt, I have opted for a retro cadillac theme. Yeah I am old fashioned, I guess this is maturity and the pinnacle of my 30 years riding and about 23 bikes I guess I skipped a few I cant recall. See the list below. Number of crashes on open roads about 8 in Beirut (lousy asfalt) 1 in california classic highside. On Circuits 3 in Laguna Seca, and 2 Off-Roading. Damage Ego, torn muscle ligaments some bleeding here and there.

1) Yamaha DT125

2) Yamaha DT 175

3) Honda XL 185

4) Suzuki TS 125

5) Honda XL 500 S

6) Suzuki GS 750 E

7) Suzuki GSX 750ES

8) Suzuki GS 550 E

9)Suzuki GS 500 ES

10) Suzuki Katana

11 )Kawasaki GPZ 900

12 )Yamaha XT 600 Tenere

13) Honda XLV Transalp

14) Suzuki VX 800

15) Yamaha FJ 1200

16) Yamaha XJ 900

17) Suzuki DR 800

18) Harley Softail Heritage

19) BMW 1200 GS Adventure

20) Honda 1000 Varadero

21) Harley night Train

22) Harley Electra Glide