Windows Live Writer


I am posting this Blog form the new Microsoft Live Writer, which can be downloaded with Live messenger. The coolest feature of this tool is that it allows check spelling and connects directly to your Blog. The live Writer is a full blown WYSWYG editor with nifty Word like features. Picture editing features, text and table formatting. Highly Recommended.


Ebay Countdown Beta

Super cool fucntion from eBay this is the beta of Countdown where you are gauranteed real time bidding, no more lost deals. Link


Harley to close for one week

Sep 15, 2007 — Harley-Davidson will cut production by closing its Springettsbury Township plant and others for one week this fall, the company said Friday.
The Milwaukee-based motorcycle maker, which continues to face low dealer sales, told its workers Friday that the company will shut down its final assembly plants in Springettsbury Township and Kansas City, Mo., for the week of Nov. 26.

In addition, Harley-Davidson will shut down its powertrain operations in Wauwatosa, Wis., and Menomonee Falls, Wis., and its Tomahawk Operations in Tomahawk, Wis., that week.
The company will not pay its employees during the shutdown, said Bob Klein, a spokesman for Harley-Davidson.

Workers laid off during the shutdowns will continue to receive health care coverage, company spokeswoman Rebecca Bortner said in an e-mail.

The manufacturer will recall all laid-off workers after the shutdown, Klein said.
“The company regrets the temporary impact the shipment reduction will have on so many of its employees as well as its dealers, suppliers and customers,” Bortner said in the e-mail.

Overall reduced consumer spending and low dealer sales in August are to blame for the production cuts, the company has said.


Fergie to donate HUMMER proceeds to Global Green USA

After performing at Live Earth and realizing everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment, Fergie decided to sell her HUMMER and donate all the proceeds to Global Green USA. Auction Cause is also donating carbon emission credits for 10 years to help offset the impact. Link

Thumbs Up Tristar

Tri-Star is getting serious in attracting new and seasoned riders through their new website, although the site is at its infancy stages, it is a great effort from a local dealer in Kuwait, I like their events corner and their technical articles. Great Job guys keep it up. Link


Harley Sales Drop!!!!

Harley-Davidson Inc. (NYSE:HOG) announced today that it will be cutting bike shipments and lowered its earnings estimates significantly for the fiscal year 2007. The Milwaukee-based company said that it anticipates earning $3.69 to $3.77 a share for the year. The company earned $3.93 per share in 2006. Analysts had predicted a climb in Harley's earnings this year, with the average estimate for 2007 prior to today's announcement sitting at $4.12 a share.

The earnings guidance from HOG is nothing short of dismal. It is extremely concerning that HOG is not only saying that August sales have tumbled, but also dramatically lowering 2008 estimates, and totally doing away with their guidance on 2009. This points that something bigger is going on at Harley-Davidson, not just a simple blip on the radar screen. The company is having trouble with operating margins and the demand for its newer products. HOG used to be a trusty stock that one could always count on, but it seems that the times have changed of late. I think investors would be wise to stay away from this company until they prove to be a worthy investment again.

Perhaps people are starting to get spooked with the current markets and the general uneasiness with all this talk of recession. The first thing to go in markets like that are the luxury items, like a $30,000 bike!


Sunglasses Bluetooth Headset

The frustration of having your phone ringing endlessly in your pocket while cruising on your bike are over. Meet functionality and technology, yes it looks like a knock off Oakley Thump, but behold it has Blue Tooth Technology and yes you guessed it no more missed called blues. I love this unit, I bought two of them.
See Specs Below:
1 Gig MP3 Player
Wireless hands-free talk with your Bluetooth Cell phones
Listen to your iPod, PDA, MP3 Player, MP4, TV, Radiow/o tangled wires with a bluetooth adapter
Listen to MP3 music if your cell phone has MP3 function¡E Non-Bluetooth cell phones can be used with a bluetooth adapter¡E Designed for all outdoors activists: drivers, cyclists, skaters, hikers, golfers, sunbathers
100% UV protection with high quality lenses¡E Built in rechargeable lithium battery
Unit will fully charge in 2-3 hours, when battery is fully drained
Embedded Microphone¡E Top mounted +Vol –Vol controls¡E ON/OFF Button
Flip up lens
2 point adjustable ear buds¡E Power on light indicator
Charging light indicator
Low charge light and beep indicator¡E Bluetooth specifications: Version 1.2
Range of frequency: 2.4Ghz Spectrum¡E Talk time: Up to 6 hours
Stand-by time: Up to 150 hours¡E Effective distance: 10 meters