Goodbye Suzan Tamim

I have no clue who she is, apparantly she has been brutally murdered in her appartment in Dubai. Troubled marriages
Suzan spent most of her short life between courts, police stations and hideouts. Her problems started with a long and unexplained absence period that she spent in France, even before her first short marriage to Ali Muzannar and their divorce in 2002.
Shortly after her divorce, Suzan met the man who would become her second husband, Adel Matouk. She was introduced to Matouk by star maker Simone Asmar, director of Studio Al Fan, who asked Matouk to take care of her.
Matouk took care of Suzan's 10-year contract with Asmar, and started an extensive campaign to re-launch her music career with his company, Arab-European Production. He also signed a 15-year exclusive contract with the singer.
Less than eight months later, problems erupted between the couple. Matouk asked his wife to stop singing and become a housewife, which she refused. He obtained a court order banning Suzan from travelling outside Lebanon.

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