Ducati 1098 power for 2008 Bimota DB7!

 db OK so I lied that was not my last blog, but this is my last, cause I wanted to share with you this beauty enuff said.








First pics: 2008 Honda CB1000R

The first official pics of the 2008 Honda CB1000R have just been released. This bike will replace the Hornet 900 and powered by the 2007 Fireblade engine, the CB1000R is probably the wildest, most powerful naked bike Honda have ever made!

The 2007 Fireblade’s 998cc, 16-valve, DOHC inline-four has been retuned (okay, detuned…) for the CB1000R and it’s now optimized for low- and mid-range power delivery. With its die-cast aluminium backbone chassis, adjustable rear shock, adjustable 43mm USD forks and 310mm disc brakes with four-piston radially-mounted calipers, the CB1000R should offer considerably sporty performance.

First pics: 2008 Ducati Monster 696

After months of anticipation, a few blurry spy shots and various computer-generated mock-ups, the 2008 Ducati Monster 696 has finally been officially unveiled. The machine has been extensively restyled, gets a new hybrid trellis frame (with new, larger diameter steel tubes), new aluminium swingarm, twin-muffler exhaust, slipper clutch, twin 320mm brake discs with four-piston radial-mount calipers, digital instrumentation, a restyled headlamp and LED taillamp. The bike now weighs 163kg.The new engine is, of course, where the action is. The air-cooled 696cc L-twin makes 80bhp, which should be okay for relaxed riding as well as a bit of corner-carving. The ergonomics have also been revised – the seat is low and narrow, with a shorter reach to the handlebars, and the footpegs are lower and further forward.Though we like the new Monster 696, to be honest, we were hoping it would be rather more radical. Still, for a lightweight bike that looks cool, that can be used for everyday commuting and that also allows you to have a bit of fun on Sundays, the new Monster should do all right…
Courtesy of Samir kumar

First pics: 2008 Ducati 848

The Ducati 749 replacement – the Ducati 848 – is out now. The styling is the same as the multiple award-winning 1098, and at 168 kilos, the 848 is is 20kg lighter that the 749 and 5kg lighter than the 1098. Less weight and more power is, of course, the way to go and the new Ducati does not disappoint.The 848 is powered by Ducati’s 848cc Testastretta Evoluzione L-twin, which makes 134 horsepower – 30bhp up on the old 749. In fact, that 848 has a better power-to-weight ratio than the Ducati 999! Should be quite a cracking machine for those who can’t afford a 1098… :-)
Courtesy of Faster

The 2008 Ducati 1098R. Utterly, totally, completely, awesome!

Have been waiting for the Ducati 1098R? You can have one now. The lightest, most powerful twin-cylinder motorcycle ever made by Ducati, the 1098R boasts of 180 horsepower and 140Nm of torque from its 1198cc engine. This, combined with a dry weight of 165kg, should definitely ensure eye-opening performance.


Marina Aquarium?


I was at Marina tonight, and a friend asked me if I saw the fish in the harbor, my reaction was I laughed, what kind of fish would live in this murky water. When I stepped forward I could not believe my eyes , 100's  of fish were flocking and swimming even some jumping, onlookers were feeding them  bread, does anyone knows what kind of fish ?

MOI Installs New Cameras

MOI installs in car cameras: The Interior Ministry has put in use new advanced digital cameras fixed in patrol cars on experimental basis to monitor the streets for traffic violations and traffic crimes committed by motorists, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting knowledgeable security sources.It has been reported these cameras, which are linked to the Operations Control Room, can take pictures from all directions.


GoDaddy 2007 Super Bowl Ad The Office

Cheezy commercial, OCC was even brought in, gotta question the purpose of Paul Senior in this cast?