The Blitz in Action

Heritage 074 Today was the first acid test for the bomber, 198km to be exact, I was supposed to break in the engine mildly, however I did the exact opposite. I whacked that throttle wide open, true to the words ride it like you stole it. The evening started by meeting up in South Surra with the gang. We saddled and drove south on the 40th. First stop was Al Dahar petrol station, we gathered and waited for all bikers to arrive. Amu showed up on his spanking new White Busa. We headed towards Cafe 26, the weather was mild but humid. I was not too bothered, nothing will deter me from putting Blitzy through its paces. Well for starters I took it up to 140km/h, then held back. After Ahmadi as traffic cleared, Nidal on his Fatboy started the skirmish, I was more than happy to oblige and here we go 190km/h. Something was wrong, Blitzy did no take on too many revs. Upon arrival to cafe 26, I realized the problem quickly, my engine ate my sponge air filter. Not cool as the engine is not designed to digest sponge, lacking the necessary tool, I located a pair of pliers and removed the filter cover and what's left back of sponge. This did the trick, Blitzy flirted with the 205 km/h not bad considering I have no performance heads on the bike, in comparison to Hellraiser II which logged 225 km/h. The seating position is a bit cramped, definitely need to stretch the forward controls by 2 inches, the seat is rock hard, need to adjust my springs as my bum went sore. Read the rest on BlitzBomber Site.


Anonymous said...

205...that must be lovely...It was great and I really had a good time..Di you fix the new filter?

Hellraiser said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Other issues need my attention, I will wait for 10days for my parts to arrive.

Lone Ranger'ess said...

this isnt really my game (not that im not fond of it, just cuz i've never experienced it)... but i gotta' say that i enjoyed ur use of verbs, entertaining dialogue

...good to know sum1's out there splitting the winds