Who is Nasser Khader?

khadenaser Naser Khader is a son of a Palestinian father and a Syrian mother. He was raised in a small rural town outside Damascus in a traditional Syrian way. As a Palestinian refugee, his father had difficulties getting a good job in Syria, and even though they lived in the village of his wife she was often referred to as "the one who married a stranger".

Nasser is a member of the Parliament of Denmark for Liberal Alliance. Until 7 May 2007, he represented the Social Liberal Party. A leading proponent of peaceful co-existence of democracy and Islam, he established a new movement Democratic Muslims.

He is the co-founder of an association of internationally renowned Islamic critics who want to make Copenhagen the epicenter of the fight against Muslim fanaticism.

The association was founded on a French Wine Chateau a month and a half ago, but the name and membership list is kept close to the provisional body.

Since the Danish caricature affair raged, Imams traveled around the world and showed drawings and photos in the Middle East and the Danish embassies were stuck in the fire.  Naser Khader rose to be a national hero, as he showed both Danes and the outside world that there are Muslims, who support democracy and freedom of speech above all else - including religion. When was the last time Jesus was portrayed as pedophile and terrorist and the Vatican took a back seat?

So who is this Nasser, a third class citizen trying to gain political momentum and fame in Denmark by supporting the slandering of the Muslim religion to gain political votes and financial return, or is he a true democrat?

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