Are women tougher than men?

sylvia I can't remember the impact itself, but I do remember flying through the air, thinking: "so this was my life".

I have broken my shin, but it's a "nice fracture".
The pelvis is broken too: "that needs time".
A vertebra is broken as well: "alsa matter of time".
Two ribs have been broken, crushed by the left shoulder blade, and the left clavicle has been broken: "those will heal by themselves".
And a finger of the right hand...

One of the ribs has made a small hole in a lung.

"Oh", I think, "it's rather ok. Just some broken bones".  This the story of a lady biker Sylvia and avid traveler she works as a co-author of the Design patterns course of the Open University, and is in the process of co-authoring a course on Software architecture. Sylvia crashed her bike going to work in 2005. I have to admit she is one tuff lady and a true biker and she puts to shame a lot of the so called local bikers to shame. Link

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