White Pride


white_pride_373721d Who are they and what do they stand for a modern KKK, they are Danish right wing minority with one objective in mind free Denmark from foreigner or so called black filth (arabs – indians – turks etc)

- We are not just football hooligans. We are also political. Right. Racists.
- We are not like other football-fans. They see only football and fight. We also have strong political and ideological positions. We want a clean race Denmark.
WP headquarters is a messy and filthy room filled with beer cans, cigarette butts and merchandise. The propaganda material, T-shirts, CDs and elephant hats inscribed with the group's  initials and Hitler  logo messages.
- We recruit only decent racists in football environment.
- We signal clearly that we are racists, and we want the blacks sent back to their own countries. 
-  They have chickens in the house and shit in a hole.
- But the blacks think they own it all. I will not even talk to them. And I would never ever go on vacation in a Muslim country
- Young Danish women  are lovers of niggers
- A white woman who is with a negro or an Arab, is a race traitors. A country traitors.  A box mattress. 
- She is worse than a HOG. She adds impure blood to the white race.
- White Pride is not a democratic association, assures us the 28-year-old group leads:
- It's me and two others, who decide everything. Democracy is no good. People should obey orders and accept a strict militaristic and disciplined behavior.
- When I say 'attack the group' - so we attack! It is prohibited to abscond. 
- It is strange that immigrant gangs do not attack us. But I do not think they dare.

OK so these MF of Danes called WP, has nothing but shit for brains, if impurity is giving birth to children in a mixed marriage, I am guilty as sin, and if they are unable to satisfy their women well tuff luck you were born dickless. If you are interested this is the link to the cradle of Filth!

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