My twin daughters will start motocross!?

25102008015 Here is the deal, I passed by Tristar to see their new set up and I was introduced to Mark who is running their MX department. I discovered that Mark trains kids and adults on MX riding on a closed circuit. Mark is South African and a motocross veteran, he has some excellent experience from the Paris-Dakar rally and is great with kids.

25102008014 I asked the kids if they were up to it and it was a unanimous vote, yeah dad when do we start! My twin daughters are smitten with the motorcycle bug, since the age 4 they used to take a ride on daddy’s Harley. At 9 years old they are moving on to their own motorcycles, that's 6 years younger than their dad. Tristar service is great and the kids met Mark today, where they got to sit on the bikes and got their very own set of MX gloves. They will start off on an automatic 50cc KTM for 6 hours each, the cost for the training is 85KD per kids including the bikes. I am so excited to see the results, unfortunately neither Mum or Dad are allowed on the track for the first 4 hours, as we might add more confusion to the kids training.


Mark said...

thats pretty cool, just emailed salem to get more details about motorcross training. always wanted to try it.

Hellraiser said...

Actually I am planning to do the same, although I rode motox some 20years ago, I can post the details onec Mark emails them to me.

Anonymous said...


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