Help find Madeleine

 mady Madeleine Mc Cain was abducted on 3rd May 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal, 9 days before her 4th birthday. She was taken from our holiday apartment where she was sleeping with her younger brother and sister whilst we were dining 50 yards away. Despite a massive investigation led by the Portuguese police and supported by the British police, we still do not know who has taken her, why she was taken or where she is. In addition, private investigators based in Spain are now following up any leads regarding Madeleine’s disappearance.

Hello, since do we live our 4 years old alone, to dine out. Not even 5 meters away, sadly this is the sad truth when our pleasure obscures our ability to set priorities. Now the chocking part although 1000's of children are abducted every year, what makes this case special, is it because she is British and abducted abroad, it seems a lot conspiracy theories are floating around the parents involvement, as Madeleine blood was discovered in their car. And now this sad story has turned out to a circus as the website for Madeleine has an online store.

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