Tawney Kitaen WTF!


Tawney Kitaen the ever famous heart throb that made us teen agers drool all over, when she first appeared in the ever so popular White snake video "Here I Go Again" back in 1982 ( I was 19 at the time). A couple of days back I was watching VH1 and caught a glimpse of the video, just to check where in the world is she now, I googled her name. I shouldn’t have done that!! Some memories are better left unearthed.

Father: Terry Kitaen (neon signmaker)
Mother: Linda Taylor Kitaen (homemaker)
Husband: David Coverdale (musician, Whitesnake, dated 1985-89, m. 17-Feb-1989, div. Apr-1991)
Husband: Chuck Finley (baseball player, b. 26-Sep-1962, m. 20-Nov-1997, div. 4-Apr-2002)
Daughter: Wynter Merin Finley (b. 18-Mar-1993 with Finley)
Daughter: Raine (b. 1-Jun-1998 with Finley)
Boyfriend: O. J. Simpson (football player-alleged killer)
Boyfriend: Jerry Seinfeld (actor-comic, dated early 1990s)
Boyfriend: Jon Stewart (comic-newscaster, dated 1995)
Slept with: Tommy Lee (musician, Mötley Crüe)

High School: Mission Bay High School, San Diego, CA (dropped out)

Vandalism Arrested 18-Apr-2001 for keying an automobile
Domestic Violence 1-Apr-2002 against husband Chuck Finley
Drug Possession: Cocaine (May-2006), pled guilty
unknown detox facility Las Vegas, NV
unknown detox facility Phoenix, AZ
Risk Factors: Depression, Cocaine, Dyslexia


teach said...

Never heard of her- and looking at what she has become....i am quite pleased about her.
have you seen the latest video of Neilson ( I can live if living is without you ) getting caught DUI.........lol

Hellraiser said...

Teach she was on of the hottest models around in the 80s, when White Snakes front man David Coverdale ex Deep purple vocalist went Solo. Why are you pleased about her?