Madonna once a Bitch always a Bitch

bitch Madonna's marriage finally broke down in a bitter row over a £1.5million gift she gave husband Guy Ritchie. The 40-year-old director incensed his wife when she gave him the gift in April to make a documentary and he told her: “After all I’ve been through, it’s too late.”

The singer handed over the cash for him to make a film but was furious when he announced he was suspending the project because of his troubled relationship and she demanded the money back.

Madge, 50, immediately phoned her lawyer Fiona Shackleton and declared: “It’s over with Guy. I want a divorce.”

“A lot of Guy’s money is tied up and because of Madonna’s wealth she could effectively call upon the cash very quickly.

“That’s why he asked her. It wasn’t like the money was sat there in their joint account. Madonna was incensed, though. After sleeping on it, she thought enough was enough and phoned Shackleton the next morning to set up a meeting.

To date, the matter has not been resolved and she is still expecting the ‘gift’ back.

What a cheap slut!!!!!!

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