MOC Post Office Blues

moc1 I never knew that sending a package outside Kuwait would set me back 2 hours of wasted efforts. I headed this morning to the MOC office at the Sheraton round about to send a small package of parts back to my supplier to the US.Upon arrival I circled the building for 25 minutes trying got find a parking place, although there are parking spots available within the ministry compound, I was told that these are only for employees. WTF 25 cars and no customer parking. So I decided to go to the main office in Shuwaikh, parking was easy to find. Upon entering the `building, the clerk told me to my amazement, that this facility does not process packages and I should go back to Kuwait city. Rants… Traffic back again trying to find that elusive parking spot another 15 minutes and lady luck smiled. I parked and entered the building. There were 15 people inside the building all standing in a corner eating sweets and not even acknowledging my existence. A lady came to me after an excruciating 10 minutes, she asked how she could help. I showed her the package and explained the need to send it to the US registered. No problem you need to go home and cover it with white paper and write your return address. I started loosing it, I explained it took me an hour to find a parking place and no way she is sending me home again, can’t you fix it here? She consented and called Babu, I explained to him what needs to be done. Babu called his assistant and both worked on covering my box, took them 20 minutes. In the meantime I was looking around and noticed that all the employees disappeared. The office is in a bad condition, paint peeling all over the ceiling, an old metal detector machine gathering dust, really a depressing place to work at. Babu gave me the package at last, got it registered and walked out with a sigh of relief, hoping that my ordeal was over, or is it? Only time will tell if the package will reach its destination and I bet you there will be no way of tracking it. For how long will people endure with such services, I guess the last time someone maintained this building was in the early 90’s.

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Anonymous said...

and the last time i received a xmas card on time and not in june, was also in the 90's. :D

Anonymous said...

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