Kuwait 2008 Crime & Safety Report

This is an extract of a report from OSAC.

The Department of State rates Kuwait as low threat for crime. The incidence of crime in Kuwait City remains low. Of particular concern is an alarming number of incidents involving persons impersonating police officers and then assaulting victims, who are primarily third-country nationals (TCNs) and who are more susceptible to intimidation. Violent crime is primarily confined within the TCN community, which comprises the majority of the manual labor force in Kuwait: approximately two-thirds of Kuwait’s residents.Incidents of harassment and road rage, although infrequent, do occur and appear to be on the rise. Females have reported being occasionally accosted or harassed by Arab or South Asian males, particularly while driving alone in the early morning or late night hours. I for one question the accuracy of this report, read it and give your feed back. Click here.

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