Salma hayek half lesbian?

Stand_Up_to_Cancer__374013d The English TV host Eamonn Holmes had difficulty understanding Salma Hayek Latin-accent, when he interviewed the movie star in the studio for his live show 'This Morning' on Friday morning.

Eamonn got red cheeks when he misunderstood Salma Hayek and thought that she had just come out of the closed as a half lesbian on his program.


Salma Hayek is half Mexican and half Lebanese, and that was when the talk fell on her surname, that the host had problems.
- Hayek does not sound particularly Mexican, said Holmes.
- I am half Lebanese, was her answer, which was misunderstood  by the English host.
- So you're a lesbian?, He asked puzzled, while Salma Hayek collapsed of mockery and slowly repeated:
- I am half Lebanese.

What a twit, he should clean his ears before the show.


KTDP said...

more like wishful thinking .....

Shwaish said...

hehehehe 3ad i was thinking he is probably fantasizing abt that