Honda releases DN-01

dn01_us_8 The age of the automatic motorcycle is upon us, Yuck. Aprilia got the ball rolling with the 850 Mana and Honda is finally set to introduce its DN-01 in the U.S. Both of these bikes use a shift-free transmission like a scooter but have motorcycle-like controls and looks along with a riding position not found on any scooter, regardless of engine size. Still these machine blur the lines between the largest of the maxi-scooters and motorcycles even further. In any case, the DN-01 for 2009 is powered by a 680cc V-Twin engine with 61 horsepower and is available in Candy Dark Red or Black for a steep $14,599. What pay this much for a Moped, no way!. However it seems that the sales of Scooter  skyrocket by 66% in the US over the past 2 years, no wonder Honda introduced the DN-01 in the US.

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