Super Beasto Accident

Now this is what I called bad fu**** luck! Friday 31, chilling at home around 12:30 pm, phone rings, its my neighbor. Uhm clearing his throat. uhh my son hit your wife’s bike. WTF!!! i just got it from the paint shop… Shut the phone down the stairs and there it was in a pool of fuel. Damage assessment was quick. He apologized and explained that his son just got his license. OK, so why park it in such a tight spot if he does not know how to drive? It’s OK I will cover the damages. Its not about the damages its about the down time, till I order and get the parts, take the tank off and paint, its a hassle. And I just finished painting it. How unlucky can we get this year, I will tell you in my next post.

Heritage 075 Heritage 076
Heritage 077 Heritage 078

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HeartBeat said...

I would have hanged your neighbor's son by his balls !