Does dieting work?

Overweight After speaking to Marzook and getting the details on the dietitian. I went for my first visit yesterday. After some casual conversation, we got to the weigh in, at 182cm and 112 KG my BMI was 34 which makes me Obese. Although in real life I am not that obese, I went along and got my program for the first week. Optimal weight, given my skeletal structure is 95kg, I know I was 90KG when I first came to Kuwait in 1999. That 22kg of Fat I need to shed.

Week One is cleansing week.

Lots of H2O about 2 liters a day and small meals target weight loss by the end of the first 7 days is 4-5kg. No exercise is allowed for this week. I doubt I will see a 5 kg drop more likely in the vicinity of 2-3kg.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck....I feel I will be visiting them too...I am 78kg now and I can see that belly coming out soon ;(

Hellraiser said...

Dude you don't need dieting, you need some setups and regular excercise.