Review: Saw V

Saw5 Laying sick on my sofa with fever, I called upon my DVD provider to deliver a batch of new movies I was anticipating to watch. I have already reviewed: Swing Vote, Burn after Reading, Bangkok Dangerous, Traitor, still to go are Max Payne, Righteous Kill, Beverly Hill Chihuahua, The life before her eyes, Lake Terrace View and the Strangers. Enough about what am I going to watch this review is about Saw V.

In a nutshell Saw 5' is one of those films, that after watching it, you ask yourself ; "why did we  see that?" What once was a an intriguing pleasure for me, has quickly turned into a tedious and quite boring and predictable series. The story yet again picks up  from the fourth installment. Sure the traps are there so is the blood and the gore, but then again it is getting to be too cliché for my liking as yet again, Saw V paves the way to Saw VI is this a Freddy Crougar déjà vu? I guess Hollywood will keep tapping into Gigsaw till the fan interest is gone, which brings us to where I am at this moment. Saw V will live up to the fans expectation however if you did not see the fourth installment, you will not get much of the movie.

Verdict 3/5


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