Review: Burn After Reading

burn_after_reading_poster Hilarious black comedy, I loved Brad Pit dumb role, Frances McDormand, George Clooney and John Malkovich all deliver fantastically colourful, over-the-top performances.

CIA operative Osborne Cox refuses a demotion and quits his post much to the chagrin of his ice cold wife whose having an affair with Harry Pffarer a US Marshall and a sex addict. Cox decides to write his memoirs but has a disk of material lifted by his wife whose about to begin divorce proceedings against him. The disk is then lost at a gym where two brainless, body conscious employees hatch a bribery scheme against Cox. Matters are further complicated when Harry begins an affair with Linda Litsky, one of the extortionists. Before you know it the CIA and the Russians are involved.

A Highly recommended movie 4/5.

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