My Diet Week II

alads Upon my return from Dubai, I went to the nutritionist to check on my progress. OK I have to say, I had a couple of slips in my eating habits in Dubai, nothing major, more of a starvation issue as I had to drive over 740KM in 2 days. I have managed to drop 4kg in my first week, which I am extremely happy for. However you need to understand that this drop is attributed to the cleansing of the colon, which make up 50% of the lost weight, along side water waste from the outer cell. So effectively its 2 KG of FAT which doe not show. The next 3 weeks, I will be following 3 different diet plan, the last one is a detoxification program. Expected weight to be shed is about 7-10KG.

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Anonymous said...

7 - 10 kgs...good luck!