Vacation Trip Log - Short version

OK I am open for business again, with some useful tips about traveling all over France and covering 3450 km in the process, with 2 kids in the back seat over a period of 17 days. I will skip the part about Beirut, although I had and I hate to say it, a great trip great trip to Baalbeck with Fadibou, probably its the Arak that went to my head.

We left Beirut to Geneva one night stay, got the car and headed to Eurodisney 500KM, 3 nights and 4 days in Disney, great to experience through our children. Off to Paris, quick mention here,never book a hotel online we spent 3 hours finding the darn thing. One night in Paris quick trip to Eiffel dubbed Evil by Rawan, my yougest twin. Next stop Tours a night in a castle, off to Limoges boring continued to Toulouse, lovely city, down to Narbonne ugly traffic jams on motorway and nationals, biggest mistake to head south in July as everyone else is, Narbonne was a boring destination proceeded to Sete, lovely beaches, at last the kids are gonna have a blast, however someone forgot to tell me that the Mediterrenean is 18 degrees on this side, damn that was a freezing experience. By Now traffic was getting irretating, cancelled booking in Nice, swerved over to Avignon, not a single square meter to park or sleep, pushed north towards Lyon lunch then Valence spent the night and continued to Besancon further to Pont Arlier. Next stop was Neuchatel then Lausanne, Montreux then Evian. Next we continued to Annecy and back to Geneva. Overall great trip 3450 KM covered, i skipped castle visits, boat trips, hiking, bird feeding and over 850 pictures snapped along the way some good some bad some ugly enough to keep my blog alive for some times :) Cheers

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Salted-Caramel said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I love the colors of the sky. Bee-yuti-fol!