My Blog is on Vacation!!!

My Blog is on Vacation!!!
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It is official, my blog is on vacation till the 19th of July. No Internet No GPRS, No email, No Wi-Fi, No Blue Tooth, only me the Family and my Digital Cams (3 to be precise) a French Car and the roads of Europe. Yupekaye!!!! See you soon .


Ringabelle? said...

Gee!! The office is gonna be quiet at last!!! :)

fadibou said...

I can double confirm that, I will be gone and he will be gone, but what really makes a big difference is that he will not comment on my blogs anymore :)

Please extend hellraiser, I will cover for you :P

Hellraiser said...

OK shorty, you want war i will gie you one, I have roaming GPRS on my Mobile and only because of you I will activate it... The gloves are off!!!

fadibou said...

let me talk to your wife and see what she has to say about her Bam Bam's roaming adventures :P

Salted-Caramel said...

Bon voyage Management!