Hitler vs The Ring

Hitler vs The Ring
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While visiting Besancon, I went to the Resistance Museum, although the entrance sign says children under 10 years old will be traumatised by the displayed fotos, Tayma my 6 year old still believes that The Ring is a much scarier experience tahn the 3rd Reich and that Adolf is a lamb compared to the girl coming out of the well!!! I tend to agree Hitler is a Woos 15 armed people to execute a poor soul, a moving picture nevertheless, you got to admire the guts of the victim, facing death with a smile.


Salted-Caramel said...

Ee wala, he's smiling! Hmm!

Saucy Monk said...

the ring? this is what the world is coming to? in a word, yikes.

Hellraiser said...

Saucy Monk in the eyes of a 6 years old monsters from wells is worse than the atrocities of war, specially if the picture are black and white.