Is your Bed Pointed the Right Way For Love?

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The direction your bed is pointed affects your love life. According to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, we all have four positive sleeping directions and four negative directions based on our year of birth and gender.

You are an EAST GROUP person if your best directions are N, S, E and SE. You are a WEST GROUP person if your best directions are W, NW, SW and NE. Couples with the same best sleeping directions are more compatible because they can both sleep in a positive direction together.

Couples with opposite best directions will have challenges resulting from one partner sleeping in a negative direction. To lessen those challenges, the partner with the most financial impact on the household should sleep in one of their positive directions, which is their partner's least worst direction.

Geez, my love life has never suffered in the last 23 years of our marriage, I must have been Feng Shuing in the right direction I guess. I picked up this article on Feng Shui Times


Salted-Caramel said...

Aha! So what's my positive sleeping direction? I wanna find out.

samboose said...

Interesting!!! I need all the luck I can get so lets Feng Shui!

Luckybellybuddha said...

my mrs. fell asleep once for a good 3 hours while on top of me & I just kept still not to disturb her :-(
I know I am boring but this was the doing of wisdom weed not me ;-p

Spontaneousnessity said...

I didn't get it and I want to get it :s

fadibou said...

there is food called Feng Shui or thats called Show mein ????

Hellraiser said...

Salty: I have no clue

Mistletoe: I did not undersatnd your comment.

Spontaneousnessity: I did not get it! What did you wanna get?

Fadi: No this is no food blog! Fen Shui has nothing to do with Chow Mein, only if the chinese restaurant in question is Feng Shuied in desing got that!

21st Century Kashmiri Nomad said...

I dont believe in Feng shui thats probably because I am not chinese. But each to his own.

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