Dijon Ville Cathedral

Dijon Ville Church
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OK nothing to do with Amytiville horror, although the shot is inspiring for a horror movie poster. Dijon the city known for its mustard has a rich history.
Dijon began as a Roman settlement called Castrum Divionense, located on the road from Lyon to Mainz. The city is also well known for its crème de cassis, or blackcurrant liqueur, used in the drink known as "Kir".
Dijon is one of the best-preserved cities in France: 60% of the buildings are over 200 years old, the Gothic cathedral's crypt dates from 1000 years ago, and the city centre has many fine houses dating from the 15th through 17th centuries.
BTW Dijon is also birthplace of Gustave Eiffel the dude who designed the Eiffel Tower for the Paris Exhibition of 1889.

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titlap said...

Dijon is one of the most beautiful town of France ;) .. And one of the most pleasant town of Europe...