Why Do We Customize Motorcycles?

No two persons are alike. There is just something about each of us that set us apart from others. Since we are born we want to affirm our own personality, define and project our unique style and make ourselves more desirable both personally and professionally. And when you think about it, all our life is spent trying to escape pain and find pleasure in all our endeavors. We personalize the way we dress, customize our environment, our home decoration, the objects we use, etc and never stop dreaming about new solutions to make everything touching our lives look and work better. And it’s the only way we can live because people who don’t have dreams don’t have much.

Motorcycles cannot be defined only in terms of cubic inch and horsepower. They have a soul and are objects of affection. Customizing is the result of our need to reach for extreme beauty and perfection.. It’s all about the pleasure we feel when we are able to create and refine each feature to make our ride absolutely unique, in phase with our persona and becoming the object of others desires and admiration. For a motorcycle and parts designer there is nothing more satisfying than transforming individual dreams into one-of-a-kind customs. The result of the work of a professional builder is much more than new designs, colors, technical and mechanical improvements. It is about the pleasure to bring to a client. Evolution of power, handling, functionality & design is going to continue and will never stop. Simply as the consequence of the basic human need for improvement, personalization and customization.

So, you own a motorcycle and I doubt that it is just to move your body. If motorcycling becomes our passion, it’s because it moves our soul. Because of the landscapes we cross, because of the new friendships at the end of the highway and because of the emotions we get when straddling a machine; freedom, power, motion & style. It’s the way a motorcycle becomes an object of fascination and affection. But you want your bike to show its uniqueness, to feast your eyes even more and make your heart beat faster So, you are ready to spend a lot of time and money customizing it, trying to make it look more attractive, aesthetically and mechanically. And it never stops because your rider friends are doing the same.

Why ride the same bike as everybody else? Doing the work yourself, with friends or with the help of a professional builder, you are ready for any custom “tour de force”. Whatever your style, luxury that whispers, look that endures, attitude that show the street what you are made of, you want to wow the world. So, you work hard at creating new lines, refining details. Even before hitting the road you already feel an inner drive, the spirit of adventure, a strong sense of uniqueness filling you with happiness. Now your custom motorcycle is ready. You never felt this way before. You can’t imagine your life without it. When you are together on the road, it all falls in place. You are one. You feel an incredible sense of freedom. You are yourself, ready to let go, impatient to explore new horizons. An invisible thread reaching out around the world just connected you to all other custom motorcycle riders. A thread important to your life. The thread might stretch or tangle, but it will never break. Customizing is now under your skin. You feel rich, powerful and beautiful. (Copyright Cyril Huze)

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